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Mabu - the most common form of step in Shaolin taolu (tao); Wushu proverb says: "If you train and practice mabu well for a long time, qi will penetrate the dantian, you will become as strong as a vanka-stander".

MABU This site combining science and creativity, here you can find both technical information on UNIX administration of such operating systems and entertainment content.  In the Blog section, Technical Information allows you to implement interesting projects. Based on UNIX systems, be it server or Desktop.
The site is gradually developing new sections and articles.  All that I wonder, I hope that it wakes up for visitors it is useful.

       Why MABU! 

MABU is a step shape in Chinese wushu.  It is the main pillar in the eastern martial arts.  Since Wushu, Qigong, Gong-Fu, Yoga and others are not a means of violence, but only universal development is in itself, both physical and intellectual.  Self-development, knowledge, self-knowledge.  Due to this, it was decided to name the website MABU.


Blog.  Administer BSD-UNIX and GNU/Linux systems.  Information on their configuration, solving technical problems that are found in my work with them.  This section is a kind of hint, notepad for me and visitors of my site.  This information may be useful as experienced system administrators and those people who decided to get acquainted with UNIX-like Systems.

Goon fu

Goon fu. History of origin of martial arts styles wushu, khuai-to yoga and others. This section is about self-development. Spiritual and physical development is not possible separately, practicing only one direction - you get only imbalance. Philosophy of the ancient philosophers is also available on my website, these are quotations and aphorisms that make you think about the events of your life and become a little better.


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