Bradley James Allan

Bradley James "Brad" Allan; born February 14, 1973 Melbourne, Australia. He is an Aquarius according to the zodiacal horoscope and a rat according to the Chinese horoscope. He is an Australian martial artist, choreographer, actor and stuntman. Bradley James Allan began boxing at an early age, when he was not yet ten years old. He later began studying wushu and gymnastics when he was 14 years old. Bradley spent two years studying wushu with Beijing Wushu Team members Liyan Chang-Xin and Tan Lai-Wei, who are Jet Li's associates. Bradley James has also studied other martial arts such as karate, aikido, hapkido, taekwondo, Wing Chun, kickboxing. He learned Mandarin at the Shanghai Institute of Sports.
His first screen appearance was in 1993 in the unofficial sequel to Drunken Master III, after shooting the film Bradley returned to Australia where he joined the Australian stunt team New Generation Stunts. In November 1997 he took part in the 4th World Wushu Championship in Rome. He was invited to work on the set of Jackie Chan's movie Mr. Cool in Melbourne, later in 1998 he was cast in the movie Who Am I? At the same time he was invited to join Jackie Chan's stunt team, as their first non-Asian member. Over time, James Allan became the leader of Jackie Chan's stunt team.