Chuck Norris


Chuck Norris (Carlos Ray Norris Jr.) was born on March 10, 1940, in the small town of Ryan, Oklahoma. Growing up in poverty, especially when two other brothers were born. The family moved from place to place in search of work, at one time even living in a caravan, for there was nothing to pay for better conditions. The father drank professionally, the mother was a housewife, so the son took care of himself. Norris's father was an auto mechanic known for his addiction to alcohol. Chuck's grandfather was a pure-blooded Irishman, and his mother was descended from the Cherokee Indians. The most memorable experiences of his childhood for the boy were being destitute, not having a permanent place to live, living semi-living in a trailer with his mother and two younger brothers, and then his parents' divorce and a new head of household. Norris recalls that it was his stepfather George Knight who instilled in him an irresistible and passionate love of sports. After school, Chuck worked as a longshoreman, so that the classes and sports is not a dream. At 16, with his honestly earned money he bought his first car, a worn-out piece of iron. He dreamed of becoming a policeman. To realize this dream, he immediately enlisted in the Air Force and in 1959 was sent to South Korea. It was at the military base that he became known as Chuck. By then he was already married to his classmate Diane Holechek. The service, he said, was incredibly boring, so he took up sports, namely, he enrolled in a judo club, but without any athletic training, at one of his first practices he broke his arm and, having been released from service, he spent the entire day aimlessly hanging around the small town where his unit was stationed. And by chance I saw men in white practicing kicks and punches on a dirt court. As it turned out later, fate took him to a class in the Korean martial arts school of tangsudo. Foreigners were not allowed into it, but on the recommendation of a judo coach an exception was made for Norris. Training was conducted every day for three hours, no one bothered with the American, he did not make any concessions, and he did what others do, although most students wore black belts. Carlos, who became Chuck in the army admitted that the first time he could not sleep at night - the whole body ached with pain. But the school was such that in three years, by the time he left the army, he was a black belt.

In 1963, Chuck Norris opened the first karate school, a year later - the second, and in 1965 he went to the Los Angeles All-Star Championship and became the winner. In 1968, he opened a network of karate schools (there were 32 in total). In the same year he becomes the world karate light heavyweight champion and retains this title for seven years.

His career in the movie world, Chuck began with the help of the famous actor Steve McQueen, which at one time, Norris gave karate lessons in his own school. He and brought Norris to the set. On the set of the picture on a small role of a silent bodyguard, which the script says just one phrase. The debut was not very successful - on a movie set Norris arrived just after the final battle for the world championship with a black eye and a broken jaw and the only phrase correctly uttered with the hundredth attempt. But in the second film - "The Way of the Dragon" - he worked on the glory, playing a memorable role of an assassin, dying at the hands of the hero, played by Bruce Lee. Norris liked to make movies. But after a spectacular debut, he received only one proposal from the world of cinema - to play in second-rate Hong Kong thriller "Massacre in San Francisco. Norris again got the role of a bad man, and the film was so unsuccessful that it was not released on the screens until 1981. By communicating with actors-professionals, Chuck realized how difficult acting is, he saw that acting is not just a show of tricks, strokes in front of the camera, that everything is much more complicated. Now he decided to learn "how to act" from real professionals. His acting class teacher was Estella Harmon. The 34-year-old karate player was the oldest student. The period of study taught him a lot: he became much more relaxed in front of the camera, he learned how to properly dictate. In 1977 he returned to the cinema, played a role in the action movie "Challenge! (Breaker! Breaker!)" and soon became a star of Cannon Pictures films. In the early 1990s, this firm went bankrupt, but Chuck continued to star.

In 1993, CBS network offered him the role of Texas Ranger Walker, and the actor agreed. He also starred in the films "Code of Silence", "Invasion of the United States", "Missing Persons".

After 30 years of marriage to Diana, Norris divorced and then married Monica Hall - a girl of 25, she lives in Los Angeles, is engaged in interior design.

Norris is a model father. He maintains a friendly relationship with his adult sons. Chuck's brother, Aaron Norris, is a middle-aged director; his more famous brother sometimes allows himself to appear in his films.

In 1992, Chuck visited Moscow to participate (as a referee) in a kickboxing match between three-time world champion Richard Hill (USA) and challenger Vadim Ukraintsev for the title.

In 1996, he opened his own club in Moscow called Chuck Norris Enterprise Club Beverly Hills. This establishment houses a cabaret, casino, and restaurant. The club is located in the former capital's Firebird Club, which he became co-owner in 1995. In addition to the club in Russia, Chuck has his own casino in Las Vegas.

In 1997, he visited Russia as the guest of honor at the prestigious national tournament on Thai boxing and kickboxing with the participation of the strongest athletes, including two fights for the title of European and world professional champions.

Chuck Norris has created many TV shows, besides that he publishes his own magazine and written 7 books. Recently he decided to search and "promote" young talents from Russia, and not only potential super models, but also movie actresses, pop singers, show program hosts. Winners of the contests and auditions waiting for the prize - a trip to Hollywood and participation in the films of Chuck Norris.Chuck was also engaged in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. First Dan (Sensei only) in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Eighth Dan (Master, 9 Dan in all) in Taekwondo, Ninth Dan in Jit Kung-Do (under Bruce Lee), Tenth Dan in Shito-Ryu Karate-Do, Tenth Dan in Tansudo, Eleventh Dan in Chung Kuk-Do