Gary Albright


May 18, 1963 - January 7, 2000

Gary Albright "Scarface Man" is an American athlete and professional wrestler. One of the best fighters of Japanese bushido (uwfi) combat. He was born on May 18, 1963, in Nebraska, USA. Twice champion of the AJPW WTTC Tour (1996 and 1997).

In 1988, Gary began his career in professional wrestling. His first nickname was "Wohan Sing," in a Bruce Hart promotion called the Calgary Stampede. After that he teamed up with Muhan Singo, who was also known in wrestling as Mike Shaw and Norman the Lunatic.

Gary Albright made his debut in Japan on August 24, 1991 at UWFi, where Nobuhiko Takada was king.In his first match, Albright knocked out Yoji Anjoh. Most of his matches at UWFi were built around punches, suplexes and painful takedowns. For the next eight months, Albright performed exclusively suplexes in the ring. Aubright's first major victory at UWFi came on August 5, 1992, when he knocked out Nobuhiko Takada. After that, they became irreconcilable rivals. Albright began to gain momentum quickly, winning fight after fight, but his winning streak was quickly broken - on September 21 (1992) Nobuhiko Takada took a convincing rematch against Albright, thanks to a painful hold.

Albright's next victories resumed in 1994 at the UWFi - "Best of the World" tournament. Albright knocked out Billy Scott and Yoji Anjoh in the first two rounds to advance to the semifinals for his fight with Nobuhiko Takakdoyu. On June 10, 1994, at Budokan Hall, Albright lost, surrendering on a painful hold.On August 18, Albright defeated Kiyoshi Tamura, ending the third round. The match took place on the same night that Vader took the title from Takada. Throughout his three years at UWFi, Albright excelled in his wrestling skills. On November 30, 1994, Albright forced Takada to surrender with a cross arm breaker.

On June 18, 1995, Albright was scheduled to fight Kiyoshi Tamura. Albright ignored all the remarks of the referee, who kept shouting the phrase that later became Japanese promotion's catchphrase: "Break Gary, break!" Albright simply swore, spitting on all the precautions in the choke holds of both his and Tamura's own. Tamura did a choke - a rear choke, Albright surrendered. Albright then left the ring without even shaking Tamura's hand. For Tamura, it was the greatest victory in the history of his professional career. Tamura was so upset that Albright didn't shake his hand, he even cried right in the ring. Two months later, on August 18, 1995, Albright returned to UWFi and lost to Tamura in the main event. Six more days later, UWFi announced its agreement with NJPW, and Albright left the promotion.

Albright joined All Japan Pro Wrestling.AJPW's wrestling style was different from UWFi, so he suffered defeat after defeat.

On January 7, 2000, Gary Albright wrestled at the World Extreme Show in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, against Lucifer Grimm (real name Bill Owens).

After three-quarters of the allotted time had passed, Albright collapsed in the ring. The official cause of death for Gary Albright was a heart attack. Medical experts also discovered that Gary Albright suffered from diabetes, had an enlarged heart, and had several coronary arteries blocked. So it was determined that Gary Albright died of natural causes, the police did not pursue the matter.
Interview with Fr.

Friday morning, Gary called me as soon as he woke up to say good morning and that he hoped to see me soon. He was packing his things because he was going to come over to see me. At the beginning of the afternoon, Sam, my nephew Met Small, Harry, my wife and I met. Over lunch we talked about many things, and I asked him how long he would be staying with me. He said a week, I asked him to stay another week so we could spend some time together. After lunch, Gary drove to Hazleton with me. He was telling me all about his plans to move to Montana and open a wrestling school. Gary and Monica had so many plans for the future. I promised Monica that I would help her to keep Harry's memory alive and help her in every way to complete the plans they had started.