Iko Uwais


Iko Uwais (his real name is Uwais Qorny)

Iko Uwais was born on February 12, 1983, in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. He is a practitioner of the religion of Islam. Since the age of ten began studying the national martial art of Indonesia, called Penchak Silat. In 2003 he won third place in a city-wide tournament, and in 2005 became the champion of Indonesia in Pencak Silat. In the same year he was on the penchak silat team and traveled to Great Britain, Russia, and Azerbaijan, where he began to popularize this kind of martial arts. In order to develop and popularize penchak silat, he also visited Cambodia and France in 2007-2008.

Director Gareth Evans, who was working on a documentary about pencak silat in 2007, got acquainted with Iko Youwais and invited him to take part in the filming of this movie. In 2008 Iko Youwais made his first feature-length film with a strong presence of the pencak silat style, Merantau (Harimau Silat).
Height: 1.74 m
Spouse: Audy Item (married since 2012)
Wedding Venue: Jakarta, Indonesia