Jamal Azhigirei


5-times European champion (1992, 1994) on sports wushu, 7-times European champion (2004, 2008) on traditional wushu, 10-times Russian champion. The master of sports of the international class, the trainer of the highest category on Wushu, the winner of the European Cup (1993).

Jamal Azhigerey was born on the 14th of May, 1972, in Makhachkala. Nationality - Kumyk. He was trained in freestyle wrestling, judo and karate. He has been practicing Wushu since 1986. Coaches: Abdul-Kadyr Arslanovich Ataev and Eric Pavlovich Ogai. In 1991 he graduated from the Art School named after Dzhemal, with a degree in painter's craftsmanship. Graduated from Dzhemal Art School as a graphic artist. He is a Master of Sports of International class, top-class Wushu coach, 10-time Russian Wushu Champion, 12-time European Wushu Champion, and a World Wushu Championship winner. Jamal owns several styles of Wushu, among which his style is particularly recognized as Bagua.

Jamal Azhigirei School of Martial Arts
The history of Jamal's school began in 2000, when in the club "Wing Chun" on M. Kamal took his first Tai Chi chuan group. In 2004 his team successfully participated in the European Championship in St.-Petersburg, and since then two more European Championships (France, Paris - 2006; Sweden, Linköping - 2008) and three Russian Championships (Oryol - 2006, 2007 and 2008) his students have won many gold medals. In 2005 I had to leave the club, which has already become a history, there were filmed some scenes of "The Lotus Blow-2,3". I continued my trainings in "Moscow Budokan", later there was a children Wushu group, then there was a hall on the Proletarian square. Then there was a children Wushu group at Proletarskaya st, and in 2006 our group was formed in Open World Wushu Center.

In September 2007 the school obtained its own base: in the village of Zhukovka a new club "School of martial arts Jamal Azhigirei" was opened.

Now the school has classes in 4 directions: Tai chi chuan, Jun chun, children Wushu, yoga. As well as for children and adults: drawing class and modern dance.

The club is decorated with Jamal's artwork, and he worked with his students and friends on the original design of the club.

1991, Shanghai, International Tournament "Wings of Cicadas": two gold, one silver medals.
1992, London, European Championship: two gold medals.
1993, Moscow, European Cup: three gold medals, first place in all-round events.
1993, Kuala Lumpur, World Championships: 4th place.
1994, Munich, European Championships: three gold medals, first place in all-round events.
1997, Zhen Zhou, Shaolin International Tournament: two gold medals.
1997, Rome, World Championships: 4th place.
1999, Tai Zhou, Traditional Wushu World Cup: one gold medal.
1999, Hong Kong, World Championships: 4th place.
2000, Beijing, International Tournament: one gold, one silver medal.
2004, St.-Petersburg, the European Tai Chi Tsuan Championship: three gold medals.
2008, Sweden, Linköping, 5th European Tai Chi Tsuan Championship: 5 gold medals.

Jamal Azhigirei's film career. He has starred in such films as:
1999 - "Monk".
2000 - "Lotus Blow".
2001 - "Lotus Blow-2: Sweet Bitterness of Wormwood".
2003 - "Lotus Blow 3: The Sphinx Mystery".
2005 - "Lotus Blow 4: The Diamond".
2009 - "The Way".