Ken Lo


Ken Lo was born March 9, 1957 in Laos.

Ken Lo was born and raised in Laos until 1975 when his family moved away from the dangerous country to Thailand. Almost immediately in Thailand, Ken began to learn Thai boxing, and in 1978 he won the title of non-professional champion.

Ken Lo himself talks about that time like this:

"I always loved to fight when I was a teenager. When I was in school, everybody fought there - sometimes seriously, sometimes jokingly, trying to imitate Bruce Lee. It wasn't wall-to-wall fighting - it was always one-on-one. Behind my school there was a Thai boxing school, and the instructors there were always trying to get me into their section. I liked training there, but my parents didn't like me fighting and never encouraged these hobbies of mine."

In 1980, 20-year-old Ken Lo moved to Hong Kong in search of work, and there he became a common laborer in an industrial factory. Ken's family had fled Laos, so he was on bird's-eye terms in Thailand, and the move to Hong Kong was just an attempt to legitimize his relationship with a country. Just at that time, France was receiving fugitives, and Ken planned to go there, but it never worked out, and he stayed in Hong Kong. Ken Lo did not get to France because his mother did not want him to go there.
He worked as a tour guide in Hong Kong. Ken Lo showed Thai people the sights of Hong Kong. Still, he didn't stop his training, and according to him performed in the ring seven times between 1982 and 1984 just to stay in shape. He was first introduced to movies in 1985 on the set of Tsui Hark's "Working Class." The film starred Sam Hui, a famous Hong Kong singer and actor, and Cui Hark wanted a real fighter to face him in the final fight. It only took three days to shoot, and on film it only amounted to two minutes of screen time, but Ken loved filming.
In Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee's first big movie called Legacy of Rage. Ken Lo starred in a small episode as the villain and was a stand-in for Shing Fui-On and Brandon, Lee himself.
That same year, 1985, the meeting with Jackie Chan takes place. At the time, Ken Lo was working as the head of security at one of the city's popular discos, which was often frequented by various stars, including Jackie Chan himself. Jackie found out that Ken Lo had already done several jobs as an understudy and actor by that time and offered him a job as an understudy in "Project A Part 2". And later Jackie invited him to join his stunt team and also offered him a position as his personal bodyguard. Ken could not refuse Jackie.
Eventually Jackie Chan gives Ken Lo a small Nazi role in Armour of God 2 then a big negative role in Drunken Master 2. Ken and Jackie's final fight exceeded all expectations, rightfully considered one of the best fight scenes in movie history.
Height 1.80 m.