Yuan Biao


Yun Pew - Yuan Biao, (literally "Tiger Yun") is a Hong Kong actor who specializes in martial arts films. He has appeared in over 100 films and is one of the famous Asian actors. Biao is one of the "Seven Lucky Ones" (graduates of the Beijing Opera School who became popular actors).

Yong Biao (Yuan Biao) was born July 26, 1957, in Nanjing, China. Already from an early age, he was an active child. As a very young child, he was very fond of imitating the actors of the Peking Opera he saw. Little Xia Ling-zheng, as he was called by his family, was a great troublemaker for his mother. Every day she took her son to public school, and he, after waiting for his mother to go about her business, immediately ran away from there. He hated common school and only harsh discipline could help him gain any knowledge at all. As a result, he was sent to the Beijing Opera School, headed by teacher Sifu Yu Jan-Yuen. When Lin-Jen was chosen as one of the Seven Lucky Men, he was the youngest in the troupe, and so he was given the nickname "Little Brother." It was during his time in the troupe that he got his current name, Yen Biao. It was tradition that when a student became "lucky," he would take a part of the Master's name and add it to his own. Yen Biao kept this name even after he left the school, and some did not. For example, Yen Kam-bo and Yen Lau are now known as Sammo Hong and Jackie Chan (Sin Lung).