Aria2 or Axel instead of Fetch



Aria2 or Axel instead of Fetch to speed up FreeBSD Ports source code download


Sometimes when installing ports on FreeBSD fetch is slow to download the source code of programs, for example I have ports and packages downloading at a normal speed during the day and installing them at night very slowly and it takes too long to install either a port or a binary package because the code is too slow to download. If someone has the same problem it can be solved by using several connections for each file with tools like Aria2 and Axel.


To do that you just need to edit the make.conf file like this:


ee /etc/make.conf


For Aria2



FETCH_ARGS= -j10 -s16 -x16 -k1M --continue=true



For Axel








You have to use one or the other, with these settings instead of fetch the code will be downloaded at maximum speed, but you should also remember that there may be compilation errors when using this method



BSD is so easy and so much fun!

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