Change default editor to ee in FreeBSD



ee is a console text editor in FreeBSD which is included in the base system. Its GNU/Linux counterpart is called Easy Editor if I am not mistaken, but that is not the point of this article. The default console text editor in FreeBSD is vi, which is not very convenient. To change the console text editor vi to ee or another, e.g. mcedit, you need to change the line in the configuration file, for different users. To do this, edit the .cshrc file in the user directory


Go to user directory:


cd /usr/home/user


Open .cshrc file with console editor ee:


ee .cshrc


Look for the line:


setenv EDITOR vi



And make it look like this:



setenv EDITOR ee



If you want to use any other default console text editor on the system, like mcedit, the line should look like this


setenv EDITOR mcedit