Learning to speak FreeBSD (talker)



Festival speech synthesizer on FreeBSD




If you need to implementation of some creative ideas so that your FreeBSD operating system can read text, then we need a speech synthesizer. The FreeBSD operating system can handle this too. In the article, I will be quick to set up a speech synthesizer called Festival.

Festival as for me a synthesizer with acceptable speech quality, compared to espeak, for example. Festival's speech is more legible and less metallic.

You can see how festival sounds in the video below the article, it shows how festival reads text from a file and simply from the console in different languages.

Let's start with the installation festival




pkg install festival




Next, install festvox



pkg install festvox

pkg install festvox-russian




Festival requires a sound server NAS

Install and configure the NAS




pkg install nas



then go to the configuration of the sound server:




cd /usr/local/etc

cp nasd .conf.eg nasd.conf




Create nasd file




mcedit /usr/local/etc/rc.d/nasd





# PROVIDE: nasd




. /etc/rc.subr






load_rc_config $name


: ${nasd_enable="NO"}


: ${nasd_flags="-aa -b"}


run_rc_command "$1"





Add the line to /etc/rc.conf:








And execute:




chmod a+x /usr/local/etc/rc.d/nasd

service nasd start





Now you can check how our festival talker works.


To pronounce the text "Hello" in the console, enter:




echo "hello" | festival --language english —tts




If you need festival to read text from a file, then:



In English:




festival --tts /home/user/text



In Russian:




festival --language russian --tts /home/user/text