FreeBSD xinitrc start de


Xinitrc or how to start various desktop environments with the startx command.


(Desktop Environment) you need to start it, if for some reason you will not use the Display Manager, any or almost any desktop environment can be started by running the startx command. But to do this, you need to register a line for each working environment in the .xinitrc file.


First, let's create the .xinitrc file itself, run the following command on behalf of the user:

{{1} } echo "exec DE"> ~/.xinitrc


where DE is the desktop environment.


To start xfce4 write startxfce4, that is:

echo "exec startxfce4"> ~/.xinitrc


A .xinitrc file will be created in the home directory with the following contents:


exec startxfce4

Now xfce will be started by the startx command.


To start lxde, write startlxde instead of DE.


To start MATE, write mate- session.


For Enlightenment, write enlightenment_start.


For Lumina, write Lumina-DE.


For Cinnamon, write cinnamon-session.


For Window Maker, write wmaker.


For xmonad, write xmonad.


To start lxqt, write startlxqt.

To start ratpoison, write ratpoison.


To start openbox, write (without exec) openbox.


To start fluxbox, write (without exec) fluxbox.