How to install from ports without answering many questions.



Save time when installing from ports in FreeBSD.


If you need to install With a small program from ports, it will not be difficult for us to answer a few questions after running the make install command. But what if you have a weak computer on which you decide to install, say, Apache OpenOffice. Installation can take a long time or even a day, and you will have to answer the questions that the system will ask, which is not very convenient, and in this case you will be tied to the computer.


Let's start



Just change to the ports directory by running the command:



cd /usr/ports


To find the required port, for example OpenOffice, run the following command:



make search name=openoffice



Then change to the required directory, in our case /usr/ports/editors/openoffice-4



Run make config to configure the port. To install the port without answering questions, run:



make BATCH=yes install clean




All now you can just go about your business without being distracted by the installation.