Accelerate the Internet and reduce the load on the disk system.




In order to speed up the work on the Internet we will use the RAM for the cache of browsers, namely Firefox and Chromium.


I will mount browser cache in RAM using cron, because I have another drive with ZFS file system installed for my home directory. If I use fstab, the cache cannot mount at boot time because zpool has not yet had time to import . I use cron to delay the mount. Adding the browser cache in tmpfs will speed up your browser, the RAM is faster than any SSD drive currently available and it will also reduce the load on the drive itself, saving it from being overwritten all the time. It is recommended to mount /tmp in tmpfs, and not only I wrote that I use tmpfs in FreeBSD and Gentoo.


To add a cron entry, do the following:




crontab -e



And add the following lines:



# Mount cache Browsers

@reboot sleep 5 && mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /home/user/.cache/mozilla/

@reboot sleep 5 && mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /home/user/.cache/chromium/



I also use the Video directory in tmpfs for my needs and I add another line in cron for this purpose.


# video

@reboot sleep 5 && mkdir /tmp/video/ && chmod -R 777 /tmp/video/



These operations can speed up your internet browsing and lengthen the life of your SSD disk.



BSD is so easy and fun!

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