Mount cd FreeBSD


Mount CD DVDs in FreeBSD



Hello! Finally, I am writing an article again and it will be about how to mount CD DVD disks in the FreeBSD operating system.

First, create a folder cdrom or with any name you like


mkdir /media/cdrom


Mount a disk with the ISO9600 file system as follows:


mount -t cd9660 /dev/cd0/media/cdrom

And with UDF like this:


mount -t udf /dev/cd0/media/cdrom


sometimes you need to specify the encoding for example koi8-r to do this, do


mount_cd9660 -C koi8-r /dev/cd0/media/cdrom


Check disk contents


ls /media/cdrom


To unmount the disk, simply execute


umount /dev/cd0


As you can see, everything is simple.