How to mount a FreeBSD zpool


Mount a zpool


How to mount a zfs disk on an installed FreeBSD system

My FreeBSD desktop had a system on an SSD disk, under the file washer used the HDD disk. All this was spinning on celerone with 512MB of RAM and of course on ufs.

Now there is 6GB of RAM and I, like many, probably wanted to see how the system would work on zfs, how much faster it would be, but that's not the point .

I installed FreeBSD on my SSD using the ZFS file system and mounted a ZFS formatted HDD with the pool already created. The system worked fine, but the trouble is, the second disk was not mounted.

If someone had a similar problem and the disk with the ZFS created zpool was not mounted on the installed system, then this article may be useful to you.


So run the command to see the mounted pools


zpool list


You will see only one pool


In my case



zroot 81.5G 12.4G 69.1G - 11% 15% 1.00x ONLINE -




zpool status


to view the available pools for import, execute


zpool import


I first just imported zpool into the alternate root directory with the command to check if it mounts or not


zpool import -o altroot=/mnt name your pool


Yes, the pool was mounted in the /mnt directory, you can check the command


ls /mnt


When I made sure that everything ok exported zpool with the command


zpool export


after rebooting the system, the second disk was mounted, it needs to be mounted with the creation of a cache with the command


zpool import -o ro and here the name of your ZFS pool is