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Setting up your own outproxy on FreeBSD.



First we will install i2pd and privoxy with the command


pkg install i2pd privoxy


After the installation we need to edit the i2pd tunnel.conf configuration file to create the tunnel server:


ee /usr/local/etc/i2pd/tunnels.conf


Add the following to it:



type = server

host =

port = 8118

keys = outproxy.dat





Also, if you need to create an i2p site, write in the same file:



type = http

host =

port = 80

keys = name-website.dat



Then we need to know our i2p address, to do that go to the web interface via links or lynx or whatever.




And go to the section I2P tunnels and find the just created i2p server addresses in Server Tunnels:


The next step is to add the i2p address of our outproxy server in the main i2p configuration file i2pd.conf.


ee /usr/local/etc/i2pd/i2pd.conf




## Uncomment and set to 'false' to disable HTTP Proxy

enabled = true

## Address and port service will listen on

address =


port = 4444

## Optional keys file for proxy local destination

# keys = http-proxy-keys.dat

## Enable address helper for adding .i2p domains with "jump URLs" (default: true)

# addresshelper = true

## Address of a proxy server inside I2P, which is used to visit regular Internet

outproxy = http://you_address.i2p:8118



All, BSD is so easy and fun!


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