How to fix the ufs_dirbad: bad dir error in FreeBSD




Once, when turning on my FreeBSD 10.2 Desktop, I saw this panic error: ufs_dirbad: /usr/user/home: bad dir and the system did not start.


I was scared for the disk, I thought it was unusable.


But when I ran the fsck -y command in the single, it went without problems.


I rebooted and rebooted in single.


And the following helped me.


Let's see what you are registered in the fstab file


this can be done by executing the command


# cat /etc/fstab


Let's see how the partition is mounted /usr/user/home I have it mounted on the device /dev/ada1p2


Let's run the file system check again only now like this:


# fsck -t ufs - y /dev/ada1p2


Now fsck finds errors and fixes them, reboot.


After rebooting my FreeBSD Desktop booted without problems and mounted /usr/user/home


To automatically start fsck, add in /etc/rc.conf the following: