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We play games for arcade machines on FreeBSD.

 I don’t know if you saw them in your life, but I remember them only from films of the 80-90s.  This is such a large box with a screen which is intended if I am not mistaken for launching only one game.  But on FreeBSD, we can play many such games, as if we had a lot of arcade machines.  There is a cross-platform emulator MAME, which is designed to recreate the electronic equipment of arcade machines in the form of software, due to which we can play these games on FreeBSD.

 To get started, let's install the MAME emulator itself, execute the commands:

 pkg install mame


 cd / usr / ports / emulators / mame

 make install klean

 To configure MAME, we need to create a mame.ini file.  I have FreeBSD 11 amd64 installed, so MAME will be sixty-four bit and we will execute all the commands like mame64, but if you have thirty-two bit systems then just mame.

 Let's start:

 mame64 -cc

 And let's create the .mame directory where our games will be stored.

 Now when the mame.ini file is created, look for the lines in it:




 In the line # CORE SEARCH PATH OPTIONS and # CORE OUTPUT DIRECTORY OPTIONS indicate the path of your ROMS (games), cfg and so on, that is.

 rompath /home/user/.mame/roms/

 cfg_directory /home/max/.mame/cfg

 And in the line # OSD VIDEO OPTIONS


 video auto

 We write

 video opengl

 For example, if you want the game to open in a window rather than full screen, then instead

 window 0

 We write

 window 1

 All ROMS roms of games are placed in the /home/user/.mame/roms folder, everything is ready with the configuration.  To start the MAME emulator in the terminal, run the command:


 Then the MAME arcade machine emulator menu will open with a list of your games.  All now you can enjoy arcade machine games in the FreeBSD operating system.

 In the video below, we watch a demonstration of the MAME arcade machine emulator in the FreeBSD operating system.

 Everyone enjoy the game.

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