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How to mount a USB flash drive with Russian letters in FreeBSD

 How to mount a flash drive with Russian letters in FreeBSD, and I'll tell you now.

 When I installed FreeBSD as Desktop and it seems that I configured what I needed, I installed the nvidia driver, the sound I configured, the flash drive was mounted, the scanner and printer also worked.  Everything seemed to be fine, but when I needed to prepare one document at work, such a problem arose.  At work on all computers Windows is installed. I started making this document on a working computer, then someone distracted me and I did not have time to finish it by the end of the working day.  And I think I’ll do it at home.  And then I came home, ate, rested and decided to finish the unfinished work.  And what I saw was the flash drive mounted, but instead of the letters in the name of the slipper and the document some kind of questions were painted.  There was a solution, you need to mount a USB flash drive indicating the encoding manually in the console.  I created a folder in / home / user / USB into which I always mount flash drives.  And I mount it like this:

 # mount_msdosfs -L ru_RU.UTF-8 / dev / da4s1 / home / user / USB

 This is if the file system is a FAT32 flash drive

 If your flash drive is formatted in NTFS then mount like this:

 # mount_ntfs -C UTF-8 / dev / da4s1 / home / user / USB

 Just as you did with the flash drive everything you wanted, you need to unmount it like this:

 # umount / home / user / USB

 That's all as you can see everything is very simple.  The problem has now been solved instead of krakozyablik Russian letters.

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