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Ip Man

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Ip Man / 2008

Title: Ip Man

 Country: Hong Kong, China

 Release Year: 2008

 Genre: Action, Drama, Biography, History

 Cast: Donnie Yen / Donnie Yen / Simon Yam / Siu-Wong Fan / Ka Tung Lang, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi

 Description: Wushu master Ip Man who practices Wing Chun, who lives in Foshan, a city famous for its martial arts schools.  He is the strongest fighter in the city, but he does not have his own school, and Ip Man does not take students.  Sometimes he holds fights with rivals, indicating their mistakes.  Years pass, China is captured by warlike Japanese, and Ip Man is one of the few who, even in the most severe conditions of the occupation, does not forget about the honor, dignity and, of course, the wisdom that carries Wushu.

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