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Saat po long 2

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Saat po long 2 / 2015

Title: Saat po long 2

 Country: China

 Release year: 2015

 Genre: Action, Drama, Crime

 Cast: Tony Ja, Andy On, Wu Jin, Simon Yam, Louis Ku, Kiki Young, Ken Lo, Francis Ng, Andrew Eun, Zhang Jin

 Description: Keith is a Hong Kong policeman who worked undercover, soon the gangsters find out that he is a policeman and sends Kit to a Thai prison.  Where the head of the prison is along with the gansters who fakes the Whale affair.  Prison Guard Tea, whose daughter suffers from a rare form of leukemia, and only Kit can become a suitable donor for her.  Soon, Tea finds out who Keith really is and helps him escape from prison.


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