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House Of Fear

House Of Fear

House Of Fear

One of our friends got into trouble about what he told us in sms. We, as a faithful friend, hurried to his aid in an abandoned house, where, according to our information, it is located. Going into this, seemingly not a residential building, we found that everything there is not as dead as we would like. Each room has its own secret, there is a corpse in it, and someone else's head is a bit far away, in general, there is enough fear, but we need to go there and help our comrade. The overall picture of the game is very dark and it's quite difficult to see the object we need. Only by unscrewing the brightness to the maximum we will be able to notice all the beauty, and everything looks very good. Many textures inspire confidence and the game seems quite serious. Sounds deserve more attention, and they have quite a few important confidence. Just like in "Dead Spase", we hear footsteps behind our backs, shouts and calls for help. This is such a rather choreous adventure quest that is fascinating and frightening at the same time, but the sensations from the game itself are not lost.