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 The KHUAI-TO female technique at the Viet Vo Dao Thien Dong school is based on the Heavenly Dancer technique.  Women perfectly mastered the art of seduction, gaining confidence, the art of dance, singing, playing musical instruments, the use of female jewelry as a weapon.  Well versed in poisons and their use.

 In this direction KHUAI-TO, there was no form as such.  Women dressed, as the case may be, in the clothes necessary for the assignment.

 The Heavenly Dancer technique has a thousand-year history.  She was known only by one large family living in the North of Vietnam, which was very proud of it.  The technique was kept secret for a long time.

 But the secret was finally revealed by the monk, who, having received the highest military and spiritual degree, went to travel to the North of Vietnam.

 There, as his intuition told him, there was something new for his eyes and mind.  So, before us is the story of the creation of this technique by a person who did not have family relations with the family, who protected the secrets of this technique.

... It was already getting dark when a middle-aged man in a monastic robe approached the inn located in the north of Vietnam.  This inn looked like hundreds of similar yards scattered throughout Vietnam.  It was located in a deep valley, not far from the Chinese border.  Around the inn, at a distance of almost several kilometers, trees and shrubs were cut down, which made the courtyard noticeable to all belated travelers.  And this brought considerable profit to the owner of the inn, and he was pleased with his life.

 The monk went to the gate and listened to the night sounds, knocked.  After some time, the door opened, and a small, well-fed figure of the innkeeper appeared before the monk.

 The monk asked: “Can I stay with you for a while?”

 Cunning eyes ran through his body and settled on the tattered and in some places torn shoes of the monk.


“And how can you thank me?” The owner asked.

 The monk looked into the eyes of the owner, tricky lights sparkled in his eyes, but something else also shone in them, as if this man knew something very important.

 “I don’t have money, but I’m ready to do any work in your yard, which will be my pay,” the monk replied.

 The owner looked at the monk and said: “Well then, I need workers.  But look, you will do the hardest and dirtiest work.  Few stood on this job, everyone who worked for me scattered in search of an easier job. ”  “I agree,” answered the monk.

 “Then come in,” said the landlord, and, turning his back, wanted to leave the room, but stopped and added: “You will live on the second floor of the house.  My wife takes you there. ”

 A woman appeared on the threshold of a large two-story house; she looked about forty years old.  She quickly approached her husband, they began to talk about something.  Then she turned to the monk and invited to follow her.

 They went up to the second floor and went into the corridor, where the mistress stopped at the door.  She quietly pushed the door open, and a pillar of gray-blue came from the moon, which was visible through the window.

 In front of the monk was a poorly furnished room, which, in all probability, was provided to poor travelers.  This did not bother the monk, the main thing for his body and soul was a roof over his head and a bed.  Although what he saw in front of him, the bed could not be called.  Rather, the bed looked like a wide closet, whipped up in a hurry, covered with an old rag.

 The woman said: "Well, then settle down."

 “Thank you,” the monk answered and went to his new home.

 Entering the room, he went to the window and looked for a long time at the brightly shining full moon.  Leaving, the woman said:

 “Try not to be late for getting started.  The owner does not like this. ”

"Be calm, I'll get up early," replied monk. Left alone, he began to get used to the atmosphere in the room to meditate on each subject. He did this in order to then no longer spend your energy on long-term habituation to the new housing.

After meditating on it without undressing and went to bed. Waking up, as always before, and getting up from the bed, he immediately took himself to prayer, on his knees, in front of the window with clasped at the breast with his palms.

After the prayer, stood up and opened the window, and began to do breathing exercises, which were shown to him monastic mentor to set strength before the upcoming labor day.

During breathing exercises, he gained the necessary strength and energy.

After completing all the forms, he went to the window, and he saw an unexpected sight.

In a small, gated courtyard near wooden wall, sat a white-bearded old man in a strange white robe. He watched the girl in the middle of the yard we carried out a range of movements similar to dance.

The monk immediately guessed that it was for the dance. He saw that under the plastic and graceful movements of the girl was hiding something to his mind a new and incomprehensible. And I realized that is exactly what he was looking for.

From these observations, it was distracted by a sharp knock at the door. Banging the wife of the owner, she called the resident at work. The monk answered that it will be released. The woman was gone. The monk walked to the window and looked down again, but in a small courtyard was empty. "I guess they saw me" he thought and left the room.

The work of the monk waited for really easy. He had to carry water from a spring located a few kilometers from the coaching Inn. He was given a huge rocker at the ends which hung a large wooden half-rolls. Monk is not surprised. He remembered how his father carried water in the same way.

Monk remembered as the father fell on the bed in exhaustion from overwork. But then the son did not know that dad's health was already undermined this work and that his end was near. Father died unexpectedly. Died of illness, which, according to him, was in the left groin.

Before his death, the father had to tell his family his last will. He said: "weep Not, my beloved wife. It's hard for me to make you suffer. Better listen carefully what I tell you. After my death I want you to take my son to the monastery, which is located three days walk from our house, so he took the path of serving the Lord and learned the military art, and so he simply learned how to live".

Memories of monk interrupted simply scream of the innkeeper. He was waving before the face of the monk's hands, something shouting.

Coming to his senses and apologizing, the monk picked up the rocker and ran for the water, swaying with half-rolls.

The road was not close. The sun was etched into the body, the skin of unpleasant burning from sweat, but the monk did not grieve, although he was all wet about it and said it deadpan eyes. In the monastery he had been taught: "Where ever you are and whatever happens, always be with the Lord, constantly think about him and it will help you". Using the guidance of the teachers, the monk marched briskly through the thick, beautiful grass, not seeing it, and directing all their thoughts to God. So he came to the source, who beat out of the ground and flowing on a carved stone pipe in a huge ditch, lined with stone.

Bowing to the water, the monk drank greedily.  Then, having collected water, he set off on a difficult return journey.

 The road back seemed to him as inconspicuous as the path to the source.  He constantly thought about the Lord's greatness, and this made his burden easier.

 With a yoke on his shoulders, he entered the inn, where for some reason there was not a soul.  The monk set the rocker in the middle of the courtyard and climbed the stairs to the first floor, where there was a large dining room for guests.  There was no one there either.

 Suddenly, from the door that led into the master's room, voices were heard.  Someone argued loudly there.  Straining his ears, the monk clearly heard the owner’s voice, but the second voice was unknown to him, but he guessed that it was the voice of a person who had some kind of family relationship with the owner of the inn.  The monk heard a senile cough, and in front of him appeared the image of a bearded old man.  He listened even more strongly to a loud argument, in which the hostility of the interlocutors to each other was clearly heard.

 And in fact, it was argued by the innkeeper and his old father, the bearded old man.  The essence of the dispute was that the owner of the inn just wanted to drive his father out of the house, since he occupied a third of all the household premises.  The innkeeper only looked for a suitable occasion for this.  Searched and found.

 The “fault” of the old man was that he not only did nothing, but only caused losses, for example, when he was alone in the house, he broke several large dishes in the diner.

 The old man tried to prove his innocence, but soon realized that it was useless.  He simply folded his arms over his chest and calmly looked into the arrogant eyes of his son, whom he was furious about.  The innkeeper decided to break the old man by force.

 In a narrow slit, the monk saw how both opponents moved in soft and smooth movements, reminiscent of that quiet river, in which sometimes there is great excitement.  Despite the fact that the old man was much weaker in appearance than his son, he quite successfully defended himself from his son's hysterical attacks, without even delivering retaliatory strikes.

 When the son retreated exhausted, the old man said: “Although you are rude to me, I forgive this.  I forgive you, immersed in the swamp of material life and not knowing the word of God. "

 Having said this, the old man turned and went to his room, where, after several breathing exercises, lay down on the bed and fell asleep.

 The innkeeper viciously walked around the room in which this unpleasant conversation took place.  He realized that with such methods, a father could not be driven out of his house.

 The owner understood that his father

still strong in spirit and body.  The owner’s daughter entered the room, went to her father and inquired about his well-being.

 The father looked at his daughter and immediately lowered his eyes in deep thought.  A few minutes passed, my father started, like a fighting cock.  In his head, in all probability, an insidious plan had ripened.  He said: “My daughter, listen carefully to what I’ll tell you right now.  The girl was alert and looked into her father’s eyes, anticipating something. "

 “Within eight days, from one phase to another of the moon, you must remember what my father taught you.  You will have to work out all the equipment that you need to completely suppress the old man.  But you will not compete with the old man, you will have to defeat his granddaughter, who lives with him and whom he trains every day in a closed courtyard. ”

 Having said this, the owner ordered his daughter to leave for his room and there remember this fighting technique.

 The monk moved away from the gap and wondered whether it was worth helping the old man, warning him of the upcoming duel.  Meditating, he went to his room, but, not reaching the door, turned back and went to the old man.

 Entering the room without knocking, the monk saw that he was sleeping on his bed.  He leaned over the old man and wanted to interrupt his dream by tugging at his shoulder.

 However, the old man, twisting himself, grabbed the monk's hand and immediately released after looking into his eyes.

 He saw that the newcomer was pure in his thoughts, which were constantly directed to the Lord.

 The old man asked: "What brought you to me?"

 The monk told the old man about the intentions of the innkeeper.

 The old man smiled and lay down on the pillow, closing his eyes, which inexplicably surprised the monk who asked: “Why are you so calm?  After all, your granddaughter is in danger. ”

 “The fact is that this is not news for me.  I know my son very well.  He will not calm down until he achieves his goal.  I heard his conversation with my daughter, ”the old man answered.

 The monk, apologizing for his intrusion, was about to leave the room of a white-bearded old man.  However, the old man stopped him with a low shout and called him to him.  The monk is back.

“Who are you and what are you doing at this inn?” The elder asked.

 The monk told the old man about his life, not forgetting to add at the end of the conversation that his journey to the north of Vietnam is connected with the fact that he is looking for the art of a fight that is incomprehensible to his mind.  The old man carefully looked the monk in the eye, then leaned back on the pillow and closed his eyes.  In this position, he stayed for about half an hour.

 However, the monk did not think to leave the old man.  Some unknown force kept him by the bed.  The old man opened his eyes and said: “Listen to what I tell you, young warrior.  I’ve been looking for a person like you for a long time, but until today I haven’t found it.  And now I’ve found it.  I did not find because I did not see the point of transmitting what I can give.  Many of the people I met were only superficially like real warriors and spiritual people.  There was either a thirst for blood or a thirst for money.  Therefore, I did not dedicate them to my secrets. ”

 “Why did you say that I am exactly the person you need?” The monk asked.

 “I saw in you pure spirituality and true faith in the Lord, therefore I want to convey to you the secrets that were previously hidden from the public eye - the technique of“ Heavenly Dancer ”.  Tell you, someone else’s man, despite the fact that I have a granddaughter.  You will be able to convey this technique to the people, this is not given to the granddaughter, and I am already old to create a school.  Now go and work, and tomorrow, at dawn, you should appear in the closed courtyard, which is under your window. "

 The monk obediently went out again went on a difficult journey to get water.

 It was morning, the monk got out of bed and sweated in a small courtyard.  There he remembered that he had not done his recovery exercises and wanted to start doing them, since there was nobody in the yard, but suddenly he heard an old man's voice that stopped him.

 “At the time of your studies with me you must forget everything that you comprehend before that.  You will have to concentrate all your attention on the new technology that I will show you, ”the old man said.  The monk bowed knowingly to the old man and came closer.

 “Well then, I'm ready to learn your technique.”  The old man raised his head and looked the monk in the eye.  “No, you're not ready yet.  Rather, ready, but not quite.  An old technique still lives in you, from which you are not yet able to get away.  Now my granddaughter will come and show what technique she owns.  You will have to concentrate on her.  This is necessary for the development of new technology. ”

 Before the old man could finish this, a girl appeared on the threshold.  She was about twenty years old.  She was dressed in a rather poor female suit.  The girl greeted the monk and silently walked into the middle of the yard.

 The old man touched the monk and invited him to sit next to him.  Gave a sign to the girl to start.  The monk began to look at the technique in surprise. For the first time he watched so closely the movements that he had barely seen before through the window of his room and into the door slit.

This technique again reminded the monk of the course of a quiet river, which, however, only seemed so.  In this

 the so-called river, there were loud bursts and large waves of waves that came from the depths.

 The monk remembered his technique that he had learned in the monastery.  This technique, in comparison with the movements of the “Heavenly Dancer,” seemed like a stone block that could easily drown even in a quiet river.  And so I firmly decided to learn this technique, completely abandoning the previously learned old.

 The old man carefully looked at the girl, not saying anything to the monk.  He wanted him to understand a lot.

 And the monk understood this, peering intently at the movements of a girl who demonstrated a new technique for him.  At first, the girl made several respiratory complexes that helped her to fully enter the state necessary for the correct execution of movements.  After that, she began to show application forms.

 Most of these forms were with weapons.  But not with classic military weapons (i.e., sword, spear, pole, etc.), but with so-called female weapons.  These were hairpins, which were replaced by fans that appeared from nowhere, combs and other accessories of women.  Along with the soft movements in the forms without weapons, the monk saw hard punches with elbows and knees.  The girl finished and left.  The monk asked the old man:

 “Why are rude blows with elbows and knees sometimes felt on the background of her feminine technique?”

 “It's very easy to explain,” the old man said.  “After all, a woman is physically weak by nature, and therefore, to inflict the greatest harm on their adversary, they use their elbows and knees, making it very inconspicuous.  You noticed it, and I am pleased with it.  I am pleased that you have finally truly entered her state and solved many tricks. ”

 After that, the old man leaned against the wall of the house and closed his eyes.  The monk, thinking that the old man was asleep, went out into the middle of the courtyard and tried to repeat the movements he remembered.  However, his movements were still constrained.

The old man's voice was heard, in which a mockery was heard: “A raw stump will never light up if it is not properly dried.  There you are.  After all, you still work in the old technique.  Your muscles can not be rebuilt after prolonged training in hard equipment.  You should liberate them in order to begin to understand the external, physical side of the Heavenly Dancer technique.  To do this, from the very beginning you should do the forms shown by the girl, which, unfortunately, you did not pay attention to.  But it is these breathing exercises that are key to this technique. ”

 The old man ended the conversation and stood up, stretching heavily.  The monk, following his example, also stood up.  “Well then, go work, otherwise the owner must have been waiting for you and will be unhappy.  And yet, tomorrow, from the very early morning, my granddaughter and I will be waiting for you here, and look, do not be late. "

 “Good,” the monk answered, and ran off again to carry heavy half-barrels of water.

 After the monk left, the old man sat down on a bench in the yard and thought deeply.  After some thought, he went to his room to eat a little.

 The next day, the monk was again in a small courtyard.  Here he was expected by a bearded old man and his beautiful granddaughter.

 The monk approached them and greeted, said: "Well then, I'm ready for class."  “Good,” the old man replied.  - "We will not lose time and start, especially since you will soon be at work."

 The old man went out into the middle of the yard and began to show a simple breathing uniform, which the monk had seen yesterday before the start of the demonstration of the technique in performing the girl.

 The monk stood and looked in surprise at the old man, he was surprised at the mobility of the old man, who, despite his age, was more like a graceful girl.  At this time, a girl approached the monk and asked him to repeat all his movements after the old man, because he does not like to repeat many times.

 The monk, following the advice of the girl, began to repeat after the old man.  Not everything turned out as the old man wanted.  He did not like the monk's still enslaved movements, and the old man explained to him: "Imagine that you are dancing a very slow dance, where everything is natural and in unshakable peace."  The monk followed the advice, and he began to make some movements.  They became smoother than before, but the monk did not stop, diligently repeating the part of the form he had learned, which the old man liked very much.  At the end of the class, the teacher said: “Well, for now I can only say that you are still very bad, but I can’t drive you either.  I will say one thing - work, and you will achieve your goal. ”

After which he turned and left the yard.  The monk went after him and went to get water, where at the spring he repeated the technique he had learned in his parish.

 On the morning of the next day, the monk again came to the courtyard.  There he was met by an old man.  He was in a good mood and gave a friendly smile to the monk.  “Let's start right away,” he said.

 The old man went out into the middle of the courtyard and called the monk.  Then, turning to face the monk, the old man said: “During each day of your stay in the inn you will receive the new technique of the“ Heavenly Dancer ”, so you need maximum concentration and attention when studying the technique.  Now let's start. ”

 The monk was surprised by the appearance in the hands of an old man, who came from nowhere, two female stilettos with which he skillfully pricked an imaginary opponent.

 The monk could hardly keep up with the old man, who, apparently, having entered a meditative state, did not notice anyone around him.

 After the form was finished showing, the old man asked: “Well, what do you remember?”

 The monk shrugged.  He still did not understand his feelings while working with the delivered equipment.  He seemed to repeat everything correctly after the old man, and yet his brain did not fully absorb the technique shown.

 “I already understood you,” the old man said, shaking his head.  “Now my granddaughter will take care of you.”  She will show you all the intricacies of these movements, which will help you perfectly understand the technique of “Heavenly Dancer”.

 The old man is gone.  And the monk stayed with the girl to learn the technique of the Female Hairpin, which was distinguished by a large number of turns of the body by one hundred eighty and three hundred and sixty degrees, which amounted to grace and beauty of movements.

 The next morning, the monk came into the yard and immediately began to study the new movements of the “Heavenly Dancer”.  This technique was called the Maiden Fan.

 All forms were performed with fans, very different in size and materials from which they were made.  These were military fans made of forged steel, and there were training fans made of coniferous trees.  Under the guidance of a white-bearded old man and his beautiful graceful granddaughter, the monk began to work with training fans.

 He zealously, many times, repeated the forms shown to him, although the technique of the "Girl's Fan" was distinguished by many low racks, the work of which requires a lot of willpower.  But the monk did not even think of retreating, he worked without thinking about rest and that he would have to carry water all day, and this liked the old man, who began to see his disciple in the monk.

 The next morning, the monk learned the technique of the "Female Crest".  In this technique, there are many scraping movements with a metal ridge, which in the combat version was very pointed.

Hand movements were somewhat sweeping, and the monk, at the end of classes, asked the old man about this.

 “The movements seem to be sweeping because all the scratching blows are applied due to the large amplitude of the movement,” the old man explained.

 The monk listened carefully to the old man and again began to repeat the movements.

 The eighth day of the monk’s stay in the inn came.  And, like every day, this day was unusually interesting for him.  The more the monk was here, the more interesting he was, and he eagerly every evening

 waiting for the next day.

 On this day, he learned the technique of the “Female Claw”.  “This technique,” ​​said the old man, “is the technique of an unarmed woman who has the only weapon — the nail.”

 No matter how harmless this nail may seem, its use sometimes causes more real damage than a weapon technique. ”  The entire technique of the "Female Claw" is aimed at defeating the vital points of the enemy, moreover, the points are affected more subtly than just a finger.

 This is due to the fact that the nail acts precisely on the point to which they are beating, while not touching other points. "

 The ninth day was devoted to the study of the technique of the “Female Scratching Handle”.

 This technique, at first glance, may seem similar to the previous one, but this is not entirely true.  To perform this technique, a completely different psychophysical state is needed.  In it, we can observe the state of female hysteria, falling into which the woman takes the form of a lioness and begins to tear her opponents with claws.

 The technique “Slap a Girl” was learned on the tenth day.  The old man said: “This technique may seem harmless in appearance, since it’s just blows with a soft female palm, but these soft sweeping movements carry an unknown force that can, despite the apparent weakness, move stone blocks as tall as a human  height".

After listening to the old man, the monk, as in previous days, continued to learn the secrets of the Heavenly Dancer technique.  The eleventh day was the last for the monk, on that day he was shown the technique “Palm and the knee of a girl”.  Outwardly, this technique looked like a simple soft dance, but the initiate saw unexpected and powerful knees, hard in essence, but outwardly seeming soft palm punches, applied mainly to the eyes.  It was these exercises that showed the monk the full power of the Heavenly Dancer technique.

 He worked on it, not stopping, all morning.  Having finished his studies, he again went to do his monotonous work.  However, she did not seem painful to him, since all his thoughts were connected with the Lord and his new teacher, as well as with the amazing technique of the “Heavenly Dancer”.

 Having returned from the next campaign for water and placing barrels near the house, the monk ran to the kitchen to eat something.  Running into the porch and stopping in front of the door, he froze.

 A strange noise was heard outside the door.  Sensing something was amiss, the monk carefully opened the door.  Outside the door, he saw the daughter of the innkeeper and the granddaughter of a white-bearded old man fighting among themselves.

 The monk began to watch them.  He saw in this duel the technique he was studying in the form of forms, in combat performance.  He saw how the scallops disappeared, and how steel fans appeared from the sleeves.

 The monk also noticed a change in the psychophysical states of the girls.  It was at first silent as a lake, then became furious, like a raging ocean.

 As the match ended, he did not notice.  He saw a girl standing on one leg with an elongated knee and palm.  This was the granddaughter of an old man.  The owner’s daughter lay motionless on the floor.

 Looking at her, the monk was amazed, first of all, by the fact that there were no signs of a blow, although he was put in the eyes.  A light pat on the shoulder made him stupor.  Before him stood a white-bearded smiling old man.

 The monk pointed a finger at the door, but the old man, chuckling, said: “I saw this, although I was not there.  I saw it before the fight, so I'm not surprised that this happened.

I have always told my son that the main thing is to serve God.  After all, a person who is spiritually weak cannot concentrate in full force, and with this fight I proved it to him once again.  And now, together with my granddaughter, we are leaving for the seashore and there we will continue our existence.  You should go to people and give them your art. ”

 The last phrase surprised the monk very much, and he asked: “But I only studied for a week.  Have I fully understood this art? ”

 The old man, whose smile changed into focus, said: “It is not so important how many different techniques have been given to you.  The important thing is that you turn your consciousness to the Lord.

 Improving spiritually, you, imperceptibly for yourself, become perfect in martial art.  So you can safely go to people, passing them the technique of “Heavenly Dancer”.

 In the evening, the monk left the inn.  The air blew evening coolness.

 The monk stood for a while, looked around and slowly walked along the road leading to the city.

 He walked all day, and in the evening he lay down near the road and fell asleep.  In the morning he woke up and again went to the capital, not ceasing to abide with the Lord.  The monk came to the capital in three weeks.  After spending the night at the rector of the temple, in the morning he went to the imperial palace.  He was received with respect, as he said that he was going to the emperor with a proposal to open a school of martial art, unknown to people.  The emperor liked the practice of martial art, and he gladly accepted the monk.  After the monk’s detailed account of the Heavenly Dancer technique, the emperor asked him to show him several forms of this technique.

 The monk began to show the technique of "Heavenly Dancer."  On the third form, he was stopped by the emperor, who showed dissatisfaction with something.

 The monk respectfully inquired of the emperor about a change in his mood.  The emperor looked at the monk and said:

 “We do not need swans, we need elephants.  I can’t accept this technique, because I believe that it will not be able to protect our state from treacherous neighbors.  And therefore I do not want to see these dances anymore. ”

 The emperor turned and left the hall, passing along an order for the monk to be led outside the palace.

 The disgruntled monk, leaving the palace, went to the temple, where he stayed at the rector.  After brief gatherings and farewells, the monk, overwhelmed with thoughts of human misunderstanding of martial art, headed to the forest, where he decided to spend his whole life away from the bustle of worldly life.