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 Viet Vo Dao Thien Dyong

 The origins of the Viet Vo Dao Thien Dong school must be sought in India.  Legend has been passed down from generation to generation in the school, as great art appeared on the territory of Vietnam.  Here is this legend.

 It all started in India, where there were endless wars between various rulers, which led to the senseless destruction of many, many people.

 One brahmana, whose name has been lost for centuries, has prayed to Lord Krishna to help reconcile the rulers.  And Lord Krishna heard this prayer and said to the brahmana: “To reconcile everyone, there are few words, one must act.  Rulers need to show that my power is not equal, but they forgot about it.  To make this happen, I will teach you how to deal with weapons, and without them.


Also, I will teach you to deal with all the difficulties that arise in your way.  You have to select thirty students in different families, and for thirty nights I will be with your help, through you to teach them to fight, while my military teaching should go further.

 Just remember that my knowledge enters into any person even in the womb of the mother, and each person has his own path, on which there will be many trials ... ”

 Brahman selected thirty disciples within three days.  They were from different families.  The youngest was only six years old, the oldest was twenty-seven.  Half of the students were from wealthy families, some were peasant children and two tramps.  Brahman brought them to the hill.

 They sat near the spring.  The brahman himself went up to the top of the hill and began to pray to Lord Krishna: “Oh Lord Krishna, I have brought disciples.  They don’t know why they came here ... ”

 The disciples watched the brahmana.  By sunset the brahman became all red, and the place where he stood was white.  Lord Krishna heard the brahmin's prayer and said to him: “Feed them with the fruits of the forest that the monkeys will bring.  Drinks from the spring.  Lay to sleep on a hill, and meditate on me all night.  In the morning with them you will go to graze cows and calves.  And so every morning for thirty days.

 In the evening you will go to the old temple, where after a meal you will put everyone to sleep, and you will sit at the altar and begin to write down my words. ”  At this time, a flock of monkeys ran out of the forest, each of which carried a fruit.  The disciples ran to the top of the hill under the protection of the brahmana, but immediately stopped, seeing that the monkeys were putting the fruits in one place on the bank of the brook.

 Having finished praying, the brahman went down to the disciples, who were perplexed, looking at the fleeing monkeys.  Reassuring them, he said: "Eat these fruits, drink water from the spring and go to bed."  The disciples did so, and the brahmana meditated all night on Lord Krishna.

 In the morning, having finished the remaining fruits, the disciples, together with the brahmana, moved to the Raja palace.  Brahman, leaving the students at the gates of the palace, went to the administrator, who asked permission for his students to graze cows and calves for thirty days free of charge.

The manager, having thought, agreed.  In the evening after work, the disciples with the brahmana went to spend the night in the old temple.  When everyone fell asleep, the brahmana lit a splinter, opened a book and said: "Lord Krishna, I am ready to follow your instructions."

 So all thirty days passed, the last night came, no one could fall asleep.  Brahman lit a splinter, opened a book, and then said: “I took you all from different families, there are children from rich and poor families, children and mature husbands.

 You became brothers and you cannot live in peace, when someone named offends your named brother, everyone will always come to the defense of the weak.

 Today was the last day we are together.  Tomorrow morning, you will all go home, and later you will disperse to different countries, and you will teach people what they themselves learned over these nights. ”

 The disciples could not understand what the brahmana was talking about and what kind of teaching they were talking about.

 “Of course, you cannot understand what I'm talking about.  At night, when you were all asleep, I recounted and wrote down what Lord Krishna told me.  You were sleeping, but through me Lord Krishna showed you movements that will help you survive in this material world.  You were taught to fight not only with body ailments, but also with a society of people.

 You have been taught to defend and protect the weak, to help others, while not having any benefit.  All your activities will manifest themselves.  Remember one thing, every person has it all, but it is locked.  The key is in ordinary human fear.  Now let’s have an exam and a ritual. ”

 Ten years passed, the brahmana died, and the book written by nm was dismantled in parts and appropriated by wealthy students.  Excerpts from this book have come down to our time in the form of legends, tales, and legends.

 One of the brahmana disciples came to the territory of modern Vietnam.  The guard of the emperor moved towards him.  Suddenly, robbers attacked the guards from the top of the hill and instantly crushed the guards.

 The student of the brahmana, hearing the noise of the battle, recalled the commandments that said: “If they kill, do not turn your head away, save, even if it will cost you your life.  Separate the fighting, peacefully resolve their dispute. "

В считанные минуты он остановил битву между солдатами и разбойниками. Уложил при помощи гипноза солдат спать, и используя приемы боевого искусства, данные Господом Кришной, он утихомирил разбойников.

In the distance, the noise of battle was heard.  Having run up there, the brahmana disciple saw a group of soldiers taken in a ring that quickly narrowed.  The crowd of people surrounding the stretcher pulled out a man from them and moved towards the forest.

 Having overtaken the crowd, the student began to thin out several people at a time.  The robbers noticed a strange man who alone attacked them and was already approaching the emperor, leaving behind a cleft of corpses.

 They rushed back, leaving the emperor tied under a tree, and in a crowd threw themselves upon the disciple of the brahmana.  At this time, the soldiers, waking up from hypnosis, captured the remains of the robbers who attacked them and moved to the aid of the emperor.  Finding a tied emperor under a tree, they freed him and hurried to the noise of a battle nearby.

 Their attention was attracted by a large hill of bandit corpses, on the top of which a traveler who had recently met them on the way fought.

 Then the emperor who came to himself ordered them to help this man, and after the battle he immediately called to him.  The disciple of the brahmana, having finished with the robbers, approached the emperor and asked: "Did you call me?"  “Yes, I called you, traveler,” the emperor answered.  “I want to know who you are and where you are coming from.”

 “I'm a poor wanderer, and I'm coming from India, which is west of here.”

 - "How did you get here".

 “I came to see how they live here, in addition, to learn what I don’t know myself and to teach what they don’t know here,” the Hindu replied.

 The emperor liked the simplicity of the answer, and he asked: “Tell me, who taught you how to fight like this?  After all, these robbers were several times more than the people in my guard, and you destroyed them all? ”

 “It is very simple.  Since they preached violence, and this is like a rock, into which water gets and, freezing at night, destroys the rock.  I just sped up this process.  Everyone is a rock.  I am just water flowing from the top of a mountain, destroying on its way many rocks, like this one.

 I said everything, I have to go on. ”

 And he took the staff and bundle from the hands of a soldier, but the emperor stopped him.  “Listen, wanderer, teach my soldiers your skills.  I will pay any money, I will appoint you to a high position in the palace. "

 The Hindu, grinning, replied: “Why do I need stolen gold and the place of the murderer in your palace.  Better feed your people and make them rich.  Then you will understand why your people went against you. ”

 In anger, the emperor shouted to him: “Do you even know who you are dealing with, an impudent person ?!”

 Without turning around, the student of the brahmana shortly answered: “With his imperial majesty.  Yes, I almost forgot to say, “My God taught me.”

The next morning, on the banks of a small river, an Indian prayed.  Everything was slumbering.  He sat like a statue, birds sat on his head to brush their feathers.  Having finished praying, the Hindu took a swim in the river.

 Suddenly an alarming echo swept through the treetops.  The echo was like a woman's scream, he came from across the river.  Without thinking twice, jumping over the river with one leap, the Indian ran through the jungle.

 On a small plot of cultivated land in the middle of the jungle, the following picture could be seen.

 In the middle of the plantation, a handful of armed people were crowding, because of which a woman screamed for help.  A cry was heard from a nearby hut.

 Near the hut lay a dead man with a stick in his hands.  The brahmana's disciple attacked the guards with unprecedented fury, so that only corpses fell around. - The one to whom his hand touched could no longer survive.

 Alas, he came running late, the woman had already died.  Having buried the poor people near the hut, the Hindu took the boy in his arms and said: "I will teach him what you, Lord Krishna, have given me."

 At this time, the emperor saved by him returned to the capital and carried out reforms facilitating the situation of his subjects.  Taxes have been reduced.  The country began to unite around the emperor.  Having finished his affairs, the emperor sent messengers in search of an Indian.

 He was found on the ocean, where he cultivated a small piece of land with an orphan.  On behalf of the emperor, a scroll was handed over to the Hindu.  It was written there: “Dear alien, I considered your words about my people and changed my attitude to my duties.  I ask you to come to the palace for an important conversation. ”

 After reading the invitation, the Indian agreed to the trip, but only after he harvested the crops on the plantation.  Two weeks later, a conversation between the emperor and the Hindu took place in the palace.

 They spoke on different topics, but mainly on how to carry out training for the emperor’s guards and bodyguards.

 “I agree to teach your soldiers the martial art that I own.  But I do not need neither money, nor rewards, nm ranks.  The ego will only interfere with learning, ”said the Indian.

 Three months passed after the start of classes with the guards, but they did not go as the Indian wanted.  Belief in Lord Krishna is alien to the local population.  And so the Hindu decided to turn to various clergy and monks to create a philosophy that would be understandable to the emperor’s guards.

 The choice fell on three Buddhist monks.

 Buddha was the incarnation of Mr. Lord Krishna, who came to earth to stop the senseless killing of animals.

 By inviting these Buddhists, the Hindu understood that a true school is created through sincere faith in a true god, not in the demigods.

 Buddhists agreed to help him.  Thus began the formation of a philosophy of style, which later received the name "Imperial".

 After a year of collaboration, a ladder of excellence was created.  It had sixteen steps.  In addition to these steps, there was a ten-point qualification.  This system measured the capabilities of students in comparison with other styles.