JUI-QUAN, or Style Drunk




Zui-quan is one of the varieties of xiangxing quan. It consists in imitation of actions of a drunken person. It is characterized by wobbling, swaying, actions according to the aphorism "squint to the east, fall to the west".


Zui-quan as well as other styles has a rich history. The text of an ancient treatise "Jing-bi shi-hei" informs how Wei Ugun stabbed Zhou Yuvan, after which a drunken revelry was arranged, with a loose dance of drunkards, when everyone staggered and fell down, which later formed the basis of a separate style that combined the fighting techniques with the image of a drunken man. So gradually a style of tszui-tsuan was formed.Several taolu of this school are known. "Zui basian" (eight drunken celestials) is an imitation of the actions of eight legendary saints - Han Zhongli, Liu Dong-bing, Han Xiangzi, Lan Caihe, Zhang Golao, He Xiangu, Te Guaili, Cao Guoju. The complex "Lu Zhishen Drunk" imitates the actions of Lu Zhishen's character from the novel The Riverwaters, where he fights at the entrance of a Buddhist temple. "Drunken Yan Qin" depicts the image of another legendary master Yan Qin from the same novel. In addition to these, the taolu "hop Tai Bai" and "drunken Wu Song" are also known. All of these complexes are united by a common feature - the imitation of the actions of a drunken man. The popular folk song "Eight Drunken Celestials" describes the power of the eight saints' fists. It has these lines: "The body is a flower, frantically trembling; the step is impetuous, unpredictable and confused; the perfectly trained man is as if bound."


And yet Drunkard's style is not only a mechanical imitation of Drunkard's actions, but also a borrowing of basic Wushu technique. Internally it is flawless and, in terms of the realistic reproduction of a drunken person's habits, it is not subject to any criticism, although outwardly it resembles something sprawling at all seams. The style is described by the aphorism, "A drunken look, a sober will, a drunken gait, a sober heart." Wobbly, unsteady movements include relaxed and unconcerned; empty in defense, full in offense; meet with a punch and dodge; seize the moment to attack; "show in the east, and strike in the west." To achieve adherence to principles: "Spirit shen transmits the impulse to the will of Yi; hands nimble, the eye is quick; sha drunk, the body agile; a combination of hard and soft movements impetuous, rest steady; soul and body united."


Emphasis is placed on the coordinated action of eyes, hands, body, and legs. In the technique of the eyes is characterized by direct, peering, dismissive and wandering gaze. Techniques of fighting with the hands - touching, covering, chopping, holding back blows, grapples, blocks, deceptive actions.Techniques of working with the body distinguish collisions and pushing elbows. Footwork techniques include: pushing away wedge-shaped, hanging, hook-shaped, indenting, cutting, restraining, springing blows. In the style under consideration there are a lot of drop kicks, somersaults and other tricks. The most important of them are the following: hawk turn around, small turn around, take out the bum, hold, carp straighten up, skinny back, tiger throw, rush recklessly, stack the pitchfork, black dragon twist pole. Thus, the basic movements resembling the behavior of a heavy-drinker make up the tzui-tsuan complexes.


To master the drunkard's style, it is recommended to master the basics of martial arts and learn the basic complexes of chan-tsuan. The basis for this is such technical elements and qualities as looseness, speed and power, as well as skilful application of different stands, jumps, somersaults, balancing.


This direction is characterized not only by lively and energetic movements, quickly changing body positions, impetuous actions of hands, stiffness and suppleness passing into each other, but also numerous actions on the ground (somersaults, rolls, etc.) arising in the process of improvisation. All this develops flexibility of lower back and legs, mobility of joints, improves the functioning of internal organs and, above all, brings up strong-willed qualities.


Drunkard style with its appearance attracts more and more fans. In addition, the liberated technical techniques, skillfully portraying the drunkard, are built on the unity of the internal and external, resulting in a new and meaningful image. Demonstrating dodginess and ingenuity, courage and determination, playing on humorous moments, the style of the drunkard gives people plasticity, the ability to hold themselves freely and gracefully.