Red is the color of Shiva.




Shiva - translated from Sanskrit - means "good," "bringing happiness. The dance of Shiva "tandata", which Shiva as Nataraja (king of the dance) performs with his wife Devi on the body of the asura Apasmara, who he killed, is the embodiment of the cosmic energy regulating the world order.


With this dance Shiva subdued 1000 ascetics hostile to him. The ascetics first tried to oppose him by creating a ferocious tiger, which Shiva stripped of its skin and made a cloak of it; they sent a snake and an antelope to Shiva, but he put the snake around his neck like a necklace, and the antelope forever clutched in his left hand. Then the ascetics, and after them all the gods, recognized Shiva's power over them.


In the middle of Shiva's forehead is a third eye, which appeared to him when Parvati, Shiva's wife, approached him from behind and covered the other two eyes with her palms.


This eye of Shiva is especially pernicious: with its flame he burnt the god of love Kama, when he tried to distract Shiva from his ascetic exploits.


Shiva holds a trident (tritulu), a small hourglass-shaped drum (damaru), a battle axe or a club with a skull at the base (khatwangu), a bow (ajagavu), a net (pashu) of antelope, etc.


Shiva and his wife live on the top of Kailasa. He has two sons: the god of war Skanda and the leader of his retinue (ganas), the elephant-like god Ganesha. He rides the bull Nandin, who is his assistant.


The following legend tells us about this technique.


In India, there was a monastery whose monks worshiped Shiva. The warriors of this temple wore dark red clothes. Often people would come to the monastery and ask them to kill one or another person, offering money in return. After a while they would find a murdered person in the vicinity of the temple, but no one saw the murderer. Invisible warriors were also hired by a rich feudal lord, and then his enemies were found murdered in his chambers, along with the murdered servants who were guarding the master.


This was how the warriors who worshipped Shiva acted (as a rule, people worshipped Shiva for the sake of achieving material prosperity).


The training of Shiva warriors began at an early age as a rule, at the age of 3-4. Children were given special massages to make their bodies flexible and strong. They stretched the tendons of their arms and legs.


All this later helped them to penetrate into the crevices, to free themselves from the fetters.


A little later, from the age of 5-6, children were taught the technique of jumps, rolls, somersaults. From the age of 10-12, they began to learn weapon techniques and barehanded fighting.