Yunchun Quan, or Wing Chun Style


Yunchun chuan was created by Yan Yunchun - the daughter of wushu master Yan Si, who lived in Fujian province - after she saw a crane fight with a snake. Combining what she saw with wushu techniques, she created this fist art of quick action "short bridges", where attack and defense go in parallel.


In the fifteenth year of the Qing dynasty, under the motto Jiaqing (1810), imperial troops burned down Shaolin South Monastery, located on Mount Jia-lanshan in Putyan County, Yongzhou County, Fujian Province. A disciple of the Southern Shaolin, Yash, Sy, took his daughter Yan Yunchun, left Fujian and, settling in the countryside, opened a school where he began teaching martial arts. Later, Yunchunquan fell in with Foshan actor Huang Huabao. Huang Huabao trained pharmacist Liang Zan.


Liang Zan began to teach Yunchunquan right in his pharmacy, he also did research and development of the style. He took the best of Shaolin fist methods, eliminated their flaws, and tested their real fighting effect on the stages, thereby enriched and developed Yunchunquan, strengthening its fighting capabilities. From then on, Yunchunquan blossomed in Foshan and spread from there to other places. The best of those who studied Yunchunquan at that time was Chen Huashun. He taught Wu Zhongsu; Wu Zhongsu taught Zhuan Qishan, Yao Cai and Ye Wen, Ye Wen carried Foshan. Yunchunquan to Xianggang, Hong Kong. So kungfu martial arts star, the world famous Bruce Lee (Xiaolong) is also a representative of Foshan Yunchunquan. His father, Li Haiyun, originally lived on Zuoshijie Street in Foshan City, Nanhai County.


Yao Cai passed the Foshan Yunchunquan to Yao Qi, and Yao Qi trained Liang Quan. Liang Quan taught Foshan Yunchunquan to Liang Guangman. Thus Liang Guangman became a representative of the ninth generation of Foshan Yunchunquan. Liang Guangman began to study Foshan Yunchunquan from the age of eight. In 1989, at the initiative of the Provincial Sports Committee and the Provincial Wushu Association