The history of the technique of death goes back to the depths of centuries. There is a legend about the appearance of this technique on earth...


A long time ago, about four thousand years ago, a messenger of the realm of the dead came to earth.

He was neither a young man nor an old man, but a man of ripe age. His name was the Third Lu. And he did not get this name by accident, for he was born in a deep night at the hour of a full moon, when the wind was strong and there was a rumble in all the surrounding countryside. The third Lu was not born from his mother's womb, but from the womb of the Earth. A crack appeared along the gorge with a rumbling and crackling sound, and flames erupted from its depths like an erupting volcano, illuminating the surroundings.


The shrieks and groans sounded like those of hundreds of thousands of martyrs from hell. The scene could be compared to the end of the world, but it was not the end, but the process of human birth and the incarnation of the spirit of Raja Yama, the Lord of Death.

The glowing purple wave of magma released him into the light of God, the earth's vault closed in, and everything quieted down and fell into place. The wind and hum ceased, and the silent silence returned, only a restless nightbird cried and the mountain streams murmured somewhere in a valley in the deep jungle.

He was the third to be sent to this land from the realm of the dead. The sacrificial ritual that people performed before burning the dead warrior did not satisfy the God of Death, and the wise men did not know how to recite the mantras that their fathers and grandfathers knew. And then came the third Lu - the envoy of the kingdom of the dead, which brought to Earth new rules ( for sacrifices for the dead, they can be comprehended only through long lessons on a particular system.

Rumors of this event spread many hundreds of miles throughout Indochina. And where it happened, the monastery of the Abode of the God of Death arose. The third Lu became the abbot of the monastery, for he was the only one on the entire earth to have been ordained by the God of Death.

The monastery stood on top of a hill densely overgrown with trees and shrubs. At the foot of the hill was a wide lake of volcanic origin. The water in the lake was remarkably clear and pure, comparable to the tears of a young girl. Like a pearl, it sparkled and shimmered in the sunrise. The surrounding nature resembled a paradise. Even the rough paling of the monastery blended in with the surrounding trees and shrubs. Externally, the monastery differed from the common standard. Behind the fence there were four modest buildings. Two of them housed monks, the third was the kitchen and the fourth was where the abbot lived. There was no altar in the buildings.

The secret of the monastery was a vast dungeon with hundreds of underground passages and labyrinths, dug inside this Hill densely overgrown with greenery.

The altar was in the center of the dungeon, where the monks held services every morning and evening, offering prayers to the God of Death for the mystical power they had received, and with which they passed all the tests of destiny.

The rigorous system of classes was not for everyone; only those strong in body and spirit survived. Yes, that's exactly what survived: every mistake led to death.

The psychological impact of the underground passages was so great that even the strongest could not stand the test. A large number of snakes, poisonous insects, invisible pits at the bottom of which were sharp iron stakes, packs of rats and other dungeon inhabitants - terrified any Man.

Only by being in an altered state of consciousness was it possible to overcome all these obstacles and reach the altar.

In addition to the terrifying inhabitants, the dungeon had specially constructed traps and false passages. Only one real passage among hundreds of false ones led to the passage to the lake.

The test was considered passed if the test subject swam into the lake. This was the main task of the warrior - to pass all the passages and not to get lost in the labyrinths. Only after this test did the monk have admission to the more difficult stage of martial arts training, the Sacrificial Duel.

"Sacrificial combat" was usually different from simple combat. It was cunning and cruel, but at the same time, the magnificence and nobility of the technique amazed those who saw it, thanks to which this legend has come down to us.

According to the tradition of the Viet Vo Dao "Thien Duong" school, the Yam technique came to the school from the monks of the monastery founded by the Third Jly. This martial art was kept a great secret for a long time.

This technique, after the monastery disappeared, became a clan technique and was passed down from father to son or orphans. The technique absorbed the best of other techniques, which allowed it to achieve extraordinary results.

The technique of death is not only made up of fighting forms. It also includes therapeutic sets of exercises that strengthen a person's health.

Today, the Death Technique at the Viet Vo Dao Thien Duong School is divided into eight parts (eight stages of perfection).