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Quotes-Bruce Lee


There are no more divisions and barriers between me and others, no more feelings of alienation or fear, the realization of this leads to real compassion.

To be free of tradition is to have no preconceptions.

There is no anxiety in the now; if you live in the now, nothing bothers you, as the excitement immediately spills over into the next spontaneous activity.

Vacuum is not just emptiness, it is real and free, it is the source from which everything originates and to which everything returns, it cannot be seen, it cannot be touched, but it exists and is freely used, it has no form, size, color, but everything we see, hear, feel is it.

Wine can be so diluted that few want to drink it.

At all times the end of heroes was the same as the end of ordinary people, they all died and the memories of them gradually faded from human memory, but while we are alive, we must understand ourselves, make sense of ourselves and express ourselves.

All kinds of knowledge ultimately lead to self-knowledge.

Always think about what you want and don't think about what you don't want.

Always put my words to the test, remember that I am not a teacher, I may just be a signpost on the road for someone who is lost on the path, everyone has to choose their own direction.

What matters is not outward pride, but inward independence.

A hot temper will make a fool out of you soon enough.

There are no boundaries, there are horizontal areas of stabilization, but you must not stop at them, you must go beyond them, if it kills, then it kills.

Even the strongest tree is easier to break than the bamboo or willow shoots bending in the wind.

Two diseases of the ego, one disease of riding a donkey and looking for a donkey, and the other of riding a donkey and not wanting to get off it.

A disciplined mind, not a free mind.

Before I practiced the path, the cloud was just a cloud and the mountain was just a mountain; after I learned the path, the cloud ceased to be a cloud and the mountain ceased to be a mountain, but now that I have learned the path, the cloud is again just a cloud and the mountain is just a mountain.

Having attained complete independence, we will not be afraid of losing the respect of others.

Other people and objects are no longer considered outside of me; instead, they are seen as one body to me.

A person's soul is an embryo in his body, the day of death is the day of awakening, the spirit continues to live.

If there is a God, it is within us, you do not ask God to give you something, you depend on God in your inner being.

If you always set yourself limits on what you can do, physical or otherwise, you might as well be dead, it extends to work, to morality, to all of life.

If you always put limits on what you can do, physical or otherwise, it will extend to your whole life, it will extend to your work, to your whole being.

If you're still thinking, you don't understand anything.

If you love life, then don't waste time, for time is what life is made of.

If you understand the essence of combat, there is no such thing as style.

If you want to understand the essence of martial arts, to see any opponent clearly, you must put aside ideas about styles or schools, your prejudices, likes or dislikes, then your mind will get rid of internal conflict and will come to a peaceful state, and in this silence you will see everything clearly and distinctly.

If you don't want to stumble tomorrow, speak the truth today.

If you are inwardly ready for change, the outside world will open up before you, float forward like a river, but at the same time reflect everything like a mirror, and respond to everything like an echo.

If I tell you I'm good, you'll probably think I'm bragging; if I say I'm not good enough, you'll know I'm lying.

To live is to express oneself freely in creation.

The law of willed men, the willed man adheres to a different law from other men, the very one that is sacred to me, is the inner law of man, his own individual will.

Remember, my friend, that what matters is not what happens, but how you react to it.

A ringing string, taking a fixed position, becomes broken in spirit.

Knowledge is not enough, application is necessary, desire is not enough, action is necessary.

Extract the useful, reject the useless, add what is yours alone.

Change is constant.

Art develops with the reflection of the soul.

Use only what works, and retrieve it from wherever you find it.

Use the ego as a means, materialists still look at the ego as property instead of using it as a means, in fact one must be nothing within oneself.

Truth is above all pros and cons, the true path is only hard for those who choose.

Truth is outside the established rules, generally accepted rules are invented to limit one's freedom within the confines of a certain system.

Truth also changes, I change and evolve, so what seemed true two months ago doesn't seem so now.

To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities.

Every person today is what they thought yesterday.

As soon as you start analyzing something, how it disappears.

Cinema is a combination of commercial creativity and creative commerce.

The key to immortality is first and foremost to live a life worth remembering.

The key to liberation lies within the individual, each person restricts himself to movement, and these shackles are laziness, fear and a great deal of attention to his personality.

When one suddenly comes to the realization that boundaries do not exist, one becomes everything.

When I look around, I am always learning something, all about always being myself, expressing myself and believing in myself.

The cure for my fears has always been inside me.

I love light rain, it gives a sense of calm and peace, I like walking in the rain.

I love honest people who have the word with the deed.

Love is friendship caught in the fire, at first the flame is very colorful, hot and strong, but it is all just a light flickering light, but with age love becomes more mature and conscious, and our hearts are like embers, with their deep inner heat that cannot be quenched.

Every kind of knowing eventually leads to self-knowledge.

People do not live conceptual or scientifically based lives, for what is most essential in life is simply life.

People learn to read words in groups, where a student sees three movements, an experienced master sees one, because he sees a whole flow of energy.

My choice is martial arts, my profession is an actor, my main role is an artist of life.

My style is a style without style.

A wise man can get more out of a stupid question than a stupid man can out of a wise answer.

One must learn how to die, everyone wants to learn how to win while never losing, to free oneself from the burden of defeat means learning to accept it, that is learning how to die, it is worth understanding this, and you will discover the flow and harmony of life.

Start by changing your inner attitude rather than changing your outer circumstances.

Don't think, feel, it's like a finger pointing at the moon, don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss this divine beauty.

Don't forget, my friend, that life is too short to accumulate negative energy, so be happy to plan things out, and achieve your goals.

Don't look for a successful personality to emulate.

Don't favor anything, and then everything will make sense.

One insignificant comparison can divide heaven and earth, so if you want the truth to always be clear to you, never be for or against anything.

Don't deny the classical approach simply as a reaction, or you will create another pattern and fall into its trap.

You need to seek the true path on your own, so that you are not dependent on anyone else's viewpoint or any book.

Direct perception is observation without judgment, in direct perception you criticize nothing and justify nothing.

There are no boundaries, only horizontal areas of stabilization, but you can't dwell on them, you have to go beyond them.

There is nothing useful about breaking boards, boards can't fight back.

There is no such word as maturity, because if there is maturity, then there is completion, cessation of development, but that is the end, that is how the coffin lid closes.

No one can be defeated until he accepts his defeat as reality.

No one is defeated in a struggle.

What you think about, that's what you become.

Oh, my God, because success goes with the one whose consciousness is attuned to success!

The common man is a composite of routines, ideas, and traditions; if you go down this path you recognize routines, ideas, and traditions, your shadow, you do not recognize yourself.

Awareness of the world happens only when it is given complete freedom, when it is not hindered.

You cannot get more out of life than you expect.

Mistakes can always be forgiven, if only you have the courage to admit them.

Plasticity is life itself, and immobility is death, whether we are talking about body, soul or mind.

Truth has no path, truth is alive, therefore changeable.

The cessation of active brain activity ceases only when one is in a calm state, this will be the moment of release from all thoughts, and only then between two thoughts is a flash of understanding possible, and understanding is not a thought.

Simplicity is the last step of art.

The way to truth is through perception, not through persuasion or any way of achieving it.

Human development is accomplished through the fulfillment of certain roles in society, and by filling in the empty spaces in one's personality so that one's personality may again become whole and complete.

The mind is like a garden in which whatever you plant, flowers or weeds, will grow.

Open up, my friend, and float, float on the current of life and be fully open to the present.

Reality becomes apparent when you stop comparing, only in the absence of comparison does what is, and to live with what is, is to be at peace.

Self-realization is the highest stage of human development, the highest stage a person can reach, is to get to the center, to his essence.

Humanity's greatest sin is the understatement of purpose.

The now includes everything, nothing exists except the here and now.

Willpower is the supreme judgment of the mind.

Put all the great teachers together in one room and they will agree on everything with each other, put their disciples together and they will argue with each other on everything.

Become formless, incorporeal, like water, when you pour water into a cup, it becomes a cup, you pour water into a teapot, it takes the form of a teapot, water can flow or destroy, be water, my friend.

Trying to understand happiness is the same as turning on a light in the hope of seeing darkness.

Passion creates not only one's own capabilities, but also one's own talents.

Fear of losing people's respect, the inner self is the authentic self, to realize one's authentic self, one must not depend on the opinions of others.

The essence of life is the free movement of the soul.

Happiness is an indicator of a person's morality, the indicator of a person's morality lies in how happy he feels, the better a person is, the happier he is, happiness is synonymous with well-being.

Your attitude determines how much you get out of it, it can be a stumbling block, or it can help you reach your goal.

Truth has no future, it becomes different with each new moment, you see, a path, a concrete path can be paved to that which is static, motionless, dead, but not to that which moves and lives.

The moment has no yesterday and tomorrow, nor is it the product of thought, and therefore it is not a category of time.

Success comes to the one who is ready for it.

The teacher does not reveal the truth, he is the conduit of truth, which each student must discover for himself; a good teacher is only a catalyst.

To learn is to discover where the cause of ignorance lies, but the best way to learn is not to quantitatively accumulate information, but to discover what is in us.

A good fighter is not one who is tense, but one who is ready; he does not think or dream; he is ready for anything that might happen.

The purpose of art is to project an inner image into the outer world.

The goal does not always imply that it must be achieved; it often serves as something to strive for.

The goal is not necessarily to be achieved, sometimes it is simply a direction to move forward.

The goal of learning is not the accumulation of knowledge, the process of acquiring knowledge is simply the development of memory, and this process occurs mechanically, the goal of learning is not the accumulation of knowledge, because it is a movement that has neither beginning nor end.

The purpose of man is self-realization.

Man and what should be, why you as a human being depend on propaganda, lasting for thousands of years, ideals, principles, what should be are the cause of hypocrisy.

The person creating himself creates, it is always more important than a well-established style or system.

The poorer we are internally, the more we try to enrich ourselves externally.

The more relaxed our muscles are, the more energy can flow through the body, muscular tension or an attempt at brute force can only have a negative effect.

The more we value things, the less we value ourselves.

The more complex the method, the less freedom we have by adhering to methods and rules, we create limitations for ourselves.

To live now, it is necessary to forget about yesterday, do not stop forgetting what you acquire with each new experience, in the state of perception you should not have the problem of choice, because you must be aware of what is.

To increase your possibilities, it is necessary to live and make changes in life every second.

To know yourself you need to study yourself in the moment of interaction with another person.

I am not afraid of someone who practices ten thousand punches at a time, but of someone who practices one punch ten thousand times.

I believe that every person is capable of setting themselves up to achieve a goal if they connect their thoughts with a certainty of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire to realize what they have in mind.

I don't believe there are different ways of fighting, if man had three arms and three legs, then we would have different ways, but we have two arms and two legs, so I believe there is only one way, and that is the absence of all ways.

I am not a master, I am a master apprentice, I have the knowledge and experience of a master, but I continue to learn, hence I am a master apprentice, I do not believe in the word master, thinking of him as a person to be crossed.

I'm not a teacher, I'm just helping you learn about yourself.

I'm learning to understand instead of judging, I can't blindly follow the crowd and take their approach.


Bruce Lee

Quotes-Bruce Lee