Gary Edward Daniels


Gary Edward Daniels. British and American actor, stuntman, fight director, and martial artist.

Gary Edward Daniels was born May 9, 1963 in a town called Woking, which is a small town in England. Married to Merisyn and has five children. From an early age he loved sports, but at first it was not martial arts, Gary was engaged in soccer. But later, when he saw the movies with Bruce Lee and then fell in love with martial arts and became a fan of Bruce. And at the age of sixteen Gary gets a black belt in taekwondo.

When he turned twenty years old Gary comes to Florida, USA. There, without stopping training in martial arts, Gary takes acting classes. And soon begins acting in minor cameo roles in TV shows such as "Miami Vice" and the like. And then finally the offer to star in the Philippines in the lead role of one picture. Where Gary spent about two years surrounded by movie stars starring in several films.

Then he becomes the California State Heavyweight Champion of the (World Kickboxing Association) WKBA.

He starred in an action comedy movie with Jackie Chan in City Hunter.

Mickey Byrne of New Zealand and Winston Omega of Malaysia are Gary Daniels' teachers.