DLNA server FreeBSD


Easy viewing of files on SMART TV


It often happens that we need to watch photos, videos or listen to music on our TV. In most cases, we use a USB flash drive for this purpose, but this is inconvenient because the files will have to be copied to a flash drive, and this is extra time and if the flash drive is low-speed, then it is quite long.


There is a way out , this is a DLNA media server.


Using a DLNA server, we can view multimedia files on SMART TV or from various devices from a personal computer, smartphone or tablet over our home (local) network.

We will use the minidlna server, let's start by installing it on FreeBSD.




pkg install minidlna









make install clean






Now add to the file / ets / rc.conf the following line:








Let's go to DLNA server settings.




The configuration file is located here /usr/local/etc/minidlna.conf, you need to change it several st rock.


The line media_dir = indicates the path to the directory that will be accessible from the SMART TV. On the TV, files are sorted by type for this, specify the path to the image, video and audio files separately.














We write the name of our DLNA server in the line friendly_name = for example:




friendly_name=FreeBSD DLNA




Uncomment the lines:











You can start our home DLNA server



service minidlna start




In samsung smart tv, select the source using remote buttons "SOURCE" find the AllShare device and select our server. You will see