Bhyve pass-thru usb in FreeBSD



Passing usb devices from the main system to a virtual system




Bhyve supports passing usb devices from the host system to the virtual system, so we can connect an external usb device from our FreeBSD host to our Windows virtual system in the Bhyve hypervisor.



To get started, let's install Bhyve and configure it, then proceed to install Windows, open a terminal and enter the command:



pkg install vm-bhyve bhyve-firmware



Then, using any text editor convenient for you, such as ee or mc, add the following lines to /etc/rc.conf:







You also need to add the following line to /boot/loader.conf:





Then run vm init and copy all the templates to the virtual machine folder:



vm init



cp /usr/local/share/examples/vm-bhyve/* /vm/.templates



Now let's create a switch through which the Internet will go to our virtual machines:



vm switch create public


vm switch add public re0



Next, create a configuration file using the template for Windows and a disk image named Win or any other:



vm create -t windows -s 50G Win



Install Windows by running the command, and use any vnc client to connect to the system. The default address is or you can look it up using the command:



vm list



vm install Win/Windows-10.iso



After installing the system, we need to see the list of our USB devices:



pciconf -lv

or search for our USB controllers like this:



pciconf -lv | grep USB


pciconf -lv | grep xhci



For example, it will be xhci0@pci0:2:0:0:



To transfer the USB controller to Bhyve, run this command:



devctl set driver -f pci0:2:0:0:0 ppt



Then we see if the device is ready



vm passthru



If so, then configure the virtual machine configuration file. Go to the virtual machine folder and edit it by adding the following line:



cd vm/Win/Win.conf



ee Win.conf








Then we start the vm start Win virtual machine and connect any external USB device.


Then, to make USB devices available again on the host system, do this:


devctl set driver -f pci0:2:0:0 xhci



If you want passthru to be enabled permanently, add this to /boot/loader.conf:




BSD is simple and fun!


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