Setting up Slim



I was inspired to write this article by a YouTube user. I added the FreeBSD lxde Desktop video to YouTube a long time ago. And once when I went to my channel I saw a comment under my video. In which I was asked how to start lxde I advised through slim and now I am quick to set up slim here.

Simple Login Manager is a graphical display manager or login manager that is configured using the slim.conf file.

First, we will install slim and themes, install from packages or from ports without a difference, I will install from the package:


pkg install slim

pkg install slim-themes

To start slim with the system, write in /etc/rc.conf the configuration file is located in




open it with an editor and look for the lines:

#default_user simone


default_user newuser #username


here you need to enter the username, then you will not need to enter the username every time you log in.


#auto_login no

auto_login yes


For automatic login without entering a password, we type yes


#current_theme default

curr ent_theme theme name


theme can be downloaded separately and edited by yourself, then place it in the directory




To start DE, you need to comment out the line, and if you need to add DE


sessions xfce4, icewm-session, wmaker, blackbox, lxde, openbox


After starting slim at the start of the system, you need to select a session, select the session using F1


All setup is complete.