Setting up a proxy server in BSD-UNIX and GNU/Linux operating systems.




Let's look at an example of configuring Privoxy and Tinyproxy to work in Tor or I2P networks.

Both Privoxy and Tinyproxy are light proxy servers and work well under BSD-UNIX and GNU/Linux, I will show you an example of setup in FreeBSD.

As always, we start with the installation.


make auto

cd /usr/ports/www/privoxy/

make install clean




pkg install privoxy


The configuration on FreeBSD is in this path /usr/local/etc/privoxy/config if you have another operating system you can find it with the command


find / -name privoxy


Open and edit the configuration file with any editor you like:


ee /usr/ports/www/privoxy/config


In the listen-address line we specify your address and port on which the proxy server will work, by default it is


To make all traffic go through Tor add a line or only through Tor network, respectively:


forward-socks5t / . or forward-socks5 .onion localhost:9050 .


To work with I2P network add the following similarly to the above example:


forward / or forward .i2p


In the application settings you want to let traffic through the proxy specify http proxy


To set up Tinyproxy, install it:


make auto

cd /usr/ports/www/tinyproxy/

make install clean




pkg install tinyproxy


Edit the configuration file


ee /usr/local/etc/tinyproxy.conf



Port 8888



If you don't set Listen, it will listen to all addresses.


To make all traffic go through Tor add a line or make it only through the Tor network, respectively:


upstream socks5 or upstream socks5 ".onion"


To work with I2P network we add the following, similarly to the example above:


upstream http or upstream http ".i2p"


In the settings of your application you specify http proxy in the traffic of which you want to let through the proxy server



And add to /etc/rc.conf a line depending on what kind of proxy you are using:









FreeBSD is so easy, and so much fun!

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