Uaz 4x4 Off Road Racing

The legendary UAZ off-road vehicle is going on an unprecedented expedition through the picturesque but harsh regions of Russia. Powerful domestic all-terrain vehicles must pass many tests, overcoming the vastness of Russia! Choose from six game modes ("World Exploration", "Search", "Orienteering", "Career", "Delivery", "Parking" and "Taxi Driver"). Explore the vastness of Russia, complete missions and wield the monstrous power of UAZ!


- 3 large maps (Urals, Siberia and Kamchatka)
- Diverse terrain (mountains, caves, villages and fields)
- Modern graphics and effects
- Music (15 tracks)
- View from the cockpit
- Different weather conditions (fog, rain, etc.)
- Car damage
- Game modes (Free Ride, Search, Orienteering, Career, Delivery, Parking, Taxi Driver)
- 11 legendary brand cars
- And much more!