How to mount ufs in Linux



About a year ago I had my own web server on FreeBSD. It hosted several of this and a couple more sites. But somehow trouble happened to him, I had to give up it, there was no money for iron. When I took out the hard drive and stuck it into this computer from which I am writing now.


The server did not start, cursing about the damage to the file system.


Then I have on this desktop computer there was Linux, or rather Calculate Linux, and the data had to be obtained somehow. I found a way out and was able to mount a disk with the ufs file system


in the terminal in reod-only mode.


To mount a ufs disk in Linux in the terminal, run the command


# mount -r -t ufs -o ufstype=ufs2 /dev/disk/mount



Disk mounts fine and you can extract the data, After extracting the data, unmount the disk with the command



# umount /mount