Jon Foo


Jon Foo Jonathan Patrick Foo was born October 30, 1982, a Scorpio according to his zodiac sign and a dog according to the Chinese horoscope. He is an English martial arts actor and cascader. He has Chinese and Irish blood in his veins. John was born and raised in the largest city and capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, London. His father is of Chinese-Singaporean descent and his mother is of Irish-English descent. He also has siblings, two half-siblings from Singopur's father's homeland. Both of his parents are involved in martial arts. His father does karate and his mother also practices Judo (Japanese martial art). John began practicing wushu (kung fu) at the age of eight, but seriously came to the study at the age of fifteen. He is currently living in Los Angeles and is still practicing wushu (kung fu).