Nobuhiko Takada

New Japan(1980-1984), Canada(1983), UWF(1984-1985), New Japan(1985-1987), UWF(1988-1990), UWFI(1991-1995), New Japan(1996), Kingdom(1996-1998), Pride(1997-2002)

Takada Nobuhiko, born on April 12, 1962, is a Japanese professional mixed martial arts fighter. He is known for his performances in competitions held by Universal Wrestling Federation, Union of Wrestling Force International, New Japan Pro Wrestling, as well as fights under the auspices of Pride Fighting Championships. He is also the head of the professional wrestling organization Hustle. Nobuhiko Takada made his debut in 1981 against Norio Honaga, New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he began his career as Junior Heavyweight. He left NJPW in 1984, along with Rusher Kimura, Akira Maeda , Ryuma Go, Mach Hayato, and Gran Hamada , to form the original Universal Wrestling Federation. As a child, Nobuhiko showed no interest in wrestling, but was interested in baseball. Takada became a player on the All-Yokohama baseball team. However, his interest in baseball disappeared as soon as Nagashima Shigeo, the man Takada looked up to, left the sport.In middle school, Nobuhiko Takada developed a strong interest in wrestling. After graduating from high school, Nobuhiko began training according to his own methods, which led to the fact that in 1980, Takada's skill level rose so much that allowed him to join the New Japan Pro-Wrestlimg Doje. His trainer was Fujiwara Yoshiaki. Nobuhiko Takada made his debut fight on May 9, 1981, against Honagi Norio. On April 11, 1984, Takada had his first fight in the newly formed Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF), which he joined after his teacher Fujiwara Yoshiaki. The federation lasted only a year and a half. After that, Takada began a period of performances in the International Universal Wrestling Federation (UWFI). In the first half of the year he had no equal and accordingly no losses. Kazuo Yamazaki was the only one to claim victory over Nobuhiko, but he was never able to do so. Takada was distinguished by his reliability and wrestling technique, but Nabuhiko Takada's main weapon was his fighting leg technique. It was thanks to this technique that Takada repeatedly crushed his opponents with lightning speed. Takada remained unbeaten until August 5, 1992, when Harry Albright defeated Takada by TKO. In September of the same year, Nobuhiko Takada took a convincing rematch with Albright and became the best fighter of 1992, according to Puroresu.In 1993, Super Vader joined UWFI, which meant that Takada had one more serious rival. On December 5, 1993, they met in the ring, from which Nobuhiko emerged victorious.In 1994, UWFI Best of the World Tournament was held, which featured the best UWFI fighters, including Nobuhiko Takada. On his way to the finals, Takada defeated opponents such as: Kazuo Yamazaki , Gene Lydek and Harry Albright. In the finals, Takada went head to head with Super Vader, a very entertaining 20 minute match. The winner was Super Vader. After the tournament, there was another battle between Nobuhiko Takada and Harry Albright, in which Albright took revenge for his loss in the tournament. That same year, Nobuhiko Takada married Mukai Aki.In 1995, on April 20, Takada's last fight was against Super Vader. Super Vader lost and Nabuhiko took the heavyweight title.

Height 1.89 Inch and weight 104 lb.