Installing XFCE themes


How to install a new XFCE theme on FreeBSD



I don’t know about you, but I often get bored with the same operating room systems. I often change different desktop environments or customize each one to my liking. Although I know people who will not agree with me for nothing, and will never change the appearance of the system, because they are accustomed to the fact that here the button looks like this or an icon or their location is always in one corner or another. Also, they cannot be persuaded to switch to another program from the one to which they are accustomed, even if the alternative is more functional.


But people are different and as they say to each his own, if you like to experiment like me and try something new, I will describe to you a simple process of changing the standard XFCE4 theme.


See the demo video for the result of reincarnating the XFCE4 desktop environment.


Let's go.

In your home directory, create a couple of folders:







That is, /home/user/.themes and /home/user/.icons


Download any theme you like and unpack the archive with it (you can immediately use it in .themes).


Make sure that the archive with the theme is sneaker xfwm4 otherwise the theme will not work. The archive should contain a folder with backgrounds and a folder with icons and a mouse cursor icons cursors.


Copy the icons and cursor to /home/user/.icons, and the rest of the folders to /home/user/.themes.


Go to the menu and remove all settings to change the theme. We select a theme in the window manager, mouse and touchpad and in the appearance settings.