FreeBSD Remote Desktop with OpenGL support using xRDP and VirtualGL.



To access a remote desktop on a FreeBSD operating system, you can use the VNC remote desktop system or Microsoft's free and open source RDP implementation xRDP. But what if the applications that you wish to access remotely on your system require 3D acceleration. In this case you will need VirtualGL.


Let's start by installing xRDP the way you want:


pkg install xrdp




cd /usr/ports/net/xrdp/


make install clean



Let's add the following to /etc/rc.conf





Install Remmina or any other rdp client



cd /usr/ports/net/remmina/


make install clean




pkg install remmina


service xrdp start



To redirect the commands from the OpenGL application to the other X server, install VirtualGL:


cd /usr/ports/x11/virtualgl/


make install clean




pkg install virtualgl


To run an application which requires OpenGL 3D graphics, for example ppsspp, run the following command in the terminal


/usr/local/VirtualGL/bin/vglrun ppsspp