Phillip Rhee


Phillip Rhee is a legendary martial artist, filmmaker, philosopher and just a Beautiful Man - Phillip Rhee! Phillip Rhee was born September 7, 1960, in Seoul, South Korea. Being the son of a famous martial arts master in Asia, he started studying martial arts from the age of 4. He has an older brother, Simon, who, after suffering a severe form of meningitis at a fairly early age, also began diligently practicing martial arts, as a result of which the disease receded. As a child, Phillip and his family moved to the United States, San Francisco, where they continued to practice martial arts. Phillip Rhee is currently a 6th dan black belt in Teikwondo, a 3rd dan black belt in Hapkido, and a 1st dan black belt in Kendo. He is also an expert in Wing Chun and boxing. Since childhood, Phillip has dreamed of taking up film like his uncle. That couldn't help but influence his future destiny, as young Phillip was interested in filmmaking all the time, while realizing that for most foreigners, Hollywood is still an unconquerable pinnacle. But that didn't stop Phillip. So armed with a movie camera and his own screenplay, Phillip began to look for funds to make his first low-budget film. Then, in the film industry in Hollywood acquaintance with the famous producer Peter Strauss, Phillip Rhee began to engage in his first serious project film "The Best of the Best" where he himself played the lead role. The film was a huge success. Soon the screens came out a sequel. After this film, Phillip Rhee became world famous. Recently, Phillip Rhee moved away from major roles, and began to produce series and movies for children and families. He believes that cinema can positively influence young people and teach them morals and inner stability. His films are now distributed worldwide under the labels of such film companies as Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, the BBC and Miramax/Dimension Films and are widely popular.
"Kentucky Hodgepodge" (1977)
"Furious" (1984)
"Ninja territory" (1985)
"Criminal Killer" (1985)
" Hell Squad " (1986)
"Silent Murderers" (1988)
"Best of the Best" (1989)
"Best of the Best 2" (1993)
"Best of the Best 3" (1995)
"Best of the Best 4: Without Warning" (1998)
Modern Warriors (TV) (2002)
Asians in Hollywood (2006)
Underdog Kids (2015)