Kyoshi Tamura


UWF (1988-91), UWFI (1991-96), RINGS (1996-2001), Pride (since 2001), U-Style (since 2002)

Born on December 17, 1969, in Okayama, Japan, Tamura is a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter known for his prowess in fighting and his ability to deliver thrilling and realistic fights. He is a member of the following organizations: Universal Wrestling Federation, UWF International, Fighting Network RINGS, K-1, PRIDE,and U-STYLE, his own federation. Kyoshi Tamura with his relatively small weight has a habit of fighting heavier opponents and is often victorious. He debuted in 1989 in the old Japanese UWF, against Akiro Maeda, but left his ??? mark when he later joined her main UWFI group. Tamura was courageous and could even demand respect from old veterans. On October 23, 1992, Tamura-Yamazaki fight took place, where Kiyoshi won, it was a huge furor for the 23-year-old fighter. Six months later, Tamura meets Takada in the ring, instead of shaking hands, Kiyoshi made an attempt to slap Takada, coldly showing that he is in no way inferior to Nobuhiko.But the fight, convincingly won by Takada, after the fight Tamura took the microphone and dryly said: "That he would still defeat Takada" Tamura firmly established himself as one of Bushido's best wrestlers. In 1993, he finished fourth in the Bushido Championship, losing to Super Vader in the semifinals, and lost to Gary Albright in the bronze medal bout. In 1995 Tamura beat Albright handsomely, and he was supposed to be on his way to a rematch with Takada, but the league was in money trouble and was merging with NJPW, and not a match for them. Also in 1995, Tamura performed at the K-1 Herkules tournament, beating American Patrick Smith by 51 seconds, according to the Vale Tudo rules. In the spring of 1996, Tamura had his last fight in the UWFI against Sakuraba and won it very well, and then joined the RINGS Fighting League. In the summer of 1997, Tamura founded his own training camp U-FILE CAMP. In 2002 Tamura debuted on Pride and had his fight with Nabuhiko Takada on Pride23. He is 70,866 Inch tall and weighs 185,19...198,42 lb.


Mixed Martial Arts: 48 matches, 32 wins, 13 losses